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First Batch of Graduates…

First Batch of Graduates…

We just graduated our very first batch of kindergarteners at our Pre-school at our Christians in Action church in Puerto Princesa Palawan in partnership with International Care Ministries (ICM).  ICM provided all classroom materials and equipment & our CinA church, International Christians in Action Palawan, partially covers the salary of the teacher and her aid. 

Palawan grads
Future leaders of Palawan.

In conjunction of our FREE pre-school for the ultra-poor is parenting seminar to which parents of our students attends once a week seminar of Christian Parenting. One byproduct of our preschool is a morning Bible study/Devotions of the parents. The parents just hang out at the site while waiting for their children so we started this morning ministry for the parents. Three are now active members of our church while others enjoy the truth of the Word of God. It gives them hope, encouragement and joy at times. 

Unfortunately we may be closing our pre-school as ICM is moving on to transformational ministry and will be cutting off the financial support toward the salary of the teacher and the aid. We are praying for someone who will cover this lost financial support of 7500 pesos, approximately $150 a month. Please join me in prayer.


Ed & Jo Duenas

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Tribal Chief Got Saved, Shares Land!

Tribal Chief Got Saved, Shares Land!

After receiving Jesus Christ as his Lord & Savior, Chief Falizardo Tugnao (second from the left) shares his conversion with his family and tribesmen. Rey (wearing red shirt) a drunkard and known to be “the troublemaker” of the community is the chief’s brother-in-law also receives Jesus Christ in his heart and desires to become a pastor.

With the assistance of pastor Ricky Dela Cruz (wearing green shirt & ballcap), these two men desires a church building for their community. Chief Faliz shares a portion of his tribal land to be used for a church building!

Culturally designed building for Batak tribe in Palawan


To God be all the glory for all the things He has done and will continue to do with the Batak tribe in Timbuan, Palawan, Philippines!
Christians in Action Missions International (CINAMI), Philippines is raising $3,000 fund for the materials needed to construct a church building with Batak culture design. The building will also be used for an adult education program called Alternative Learning System (ALS) where 17 years old and up who have not finished high school can earn a certificate equivalent to high school diploma. Donate online and help impact a whole tribe.

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