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Destiny of Hope, Guatemala Update:

Destiny of Hope, Guatemala Update:

A long-time Guatemalan friend of Christians in Action, spent 3 days painting a mural on one of our orphanage walls. Thanks, Fernando, LOVE it!

Analisa is such a joy and growing up so fast.  She is now potty-trained and even wakes up dry some mornings.  She is learning new words every day in both English and Spanish and is starting to use sentences.  She copies and repeats everything.  She has also started attending Sunday School. She’s bonding with her teachers, Evy and Cony, and manages to sit still and pay attention for a whole hour.

 She loves to “help” with all the chores.  Her favorite activity is playing in water, be it in the kid-sized sink, the pila (laundry sink), or the baptismal aka “the pool” and sweeping.A broom just my size

 Stefani, (Tifa) is doing really well with her new family and they allow visits on a regular basis. They even got her a new puppy which she absolutely adores.

Tifa, family and new dog

Missionary Anita Byle is still visiting a church plant up in the mountains once a month.  Some of the ladies she ministers to are joyfully growing in the Lord and it’s so good to see them sharing the love of Jesus with others in their village. 

Anita has been helping one young lady once or twice a week with her English homework.  Alejandra,18, is our nanny’s daughter and in her last year of high school.  Anita loves seeing her eyes light up when she finally understands what she is learning.

Alejandra passing on her new English skills to Sofi, at another orphanage
Alejandra using her English skills.

DOH wants to thank all of you who so faithfully support the Lord’s work in Guatemala, and for covering all the workers in prayer.  

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Destiny of Hope Celebrates

Destiny of Hope Celebrates

We had cause to celebrate!!!  Our little princess Analisa turned 2 years old on the 23rd… We celebrated with special friends and she had a great time, complete with a pinata. What a blessing she has been to all of us and to Destiny of Hope. We are much more than an Orphanage, we are home.

Baby Analisa

Thanks so much for your love and support!
Anita—Founder Destiny of Hope children’s home

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Hope in Guatemala

Hope in Guatemala

I can’t begin to express my gratitude for my nephew, Darryl, and the awesome team he brought to  Guatemala.  In just over a week, they completed the security wall around the Christians in Action campus. Even though it was their first time laying cement block, you’d think a group of professionals built it.  Everyone is very pleased with the finished product.


PTL We got 'er done.

The team also brought many suitcases filled with toys, diapers, formula, clothes, etc. for the babies and even some things for me, including an Ipad !!!Jason & Analisa

I had no idea that my son, Jason, would be joining the team.  First time in the 4 1/2 yrs. I’ve been here that he was able to come to visit me. What a wonderful surprise and answer to prayer!!!  Analisa really enjoyed him too.

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit”  Romans 15:13


Serving Him with Hope in Guatemala,

Anita Byle—Founder, Destiny of Hope Children’s Home

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Central America – RECAPPING 2015

Years ago I began dreaming about babies. At first I even thought I was pregnant…but by now well beyond childbearing age. Still, I would dream I found a baby, or someone gave me a baby, etc. etc. Strange. But I came to realize that it’s significance had to do with NEW THINGS that God was going to do.   2015 was a year full of NEW experiences, and not just for me, or the Toledo’s. Hope you enjoy the recapping of what began last year…before we go unpacking 2016 in the days ahead.
With the paper work for Destiny of Hope orphanage fully approved, the Guatemala courts have awarded us two children. Analisa was brought to us at 17 days old, having been abandoned by her birth mother in the hospital. Joshua came to us three weeks later and was 11 months old. He was rescued from an illegal guardianship situation.

In February we did an evangelism seminar with David Holmbeck from Wisconsin, with YWAM. In March we had another shared experience with Paul and Donna Long in a three day seminar in Honduras. There were over 40 people who received the faith building teaching entitled, “God is in the Details”!

My friend and fellow missionary, Norma Hunt, embarked on a three month endeavor to open the path for Latin American Christians to enter Muslim countries in North Africa.  She was accompanied by a young Honduran woman with a call to this area. They worked in a village hospital in scorching temperatures in a culture so distinct from their own.  It is a criminal offense to talk about Jesus. Your service, love and living faith is your only witness to the people.

APRIL  6 –  JUNE  29  
Answering the “Macedonian Call” in ChalatenangoEl Salvador to come and teach lay Christians to effectively serve in the local church and community was a rewarding challenge. Miguel and I, pastor Carlos and pastor Amadeo Cruz and missionary Cony Quenun were the teachers rotating on a bi-weekly basis for three months. Classes were held Monday thru Friday from 6 -9 p.m. in 95+ degree weather.

Our son, David, was recently appointed as Christians in Action Youth coordinator for our 16 churches in Guatemala. His vision is to give training in the fulfillment of the Great Commission and attract the unsaved youth to Christ. He has also been doing online courses at Liberty University in Virginia. Not to mention a variety of activities and responsibilities with his gifts of music.

The first week of August it was our privilege to coordinate with our international leaders, Ron and Virginia McCabe of  Latin ARMS  (Latin America Relief and Medical Services), to reach out in three villages during four days of rural clinics. Over 1,400 patients were seen. Over 900 gave prayed to receive Jesus as Savior. Follow- up is being continued by the local pastors.
The training course in El Salvador: 10 students received certificates of participation/completion of the course. Now another group in the capital, San Salvador, are asking for the same course.

In September Linda spent some time with mom in California. Mom turns 82 in December. In October
A third baby less than two weeks old was awarded by the courts to our Destiny of  Hope Orphanage. In November Miguel, David and I attended of our bi-annual Christians in Action conference was again held in Fresno, CA. The fellowship with fellow front liners was great. And the sessions of guest speakers have impacted our lives forever.


Miguel & Linda Toledo

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thankful for the Lord’s faithful provision

thankful for the Lord’s faithful provision

I am so thankful for the Lord’s faithful provision.  Just today one of our Guatemalan board members unexpectedly came with his American boss for a visit to Destiny of Hope.  He gave us a donation and it was exactly the amount we needed to pay our Nannies wages this month.   Some of you have been faithful to give to our ministry as well, and I am so grateful.

Josue’ is 22  months old and has been busy learning new words and  skills. Paula Holmbeck and her girls sold a litter of kittens and sent the money so Josue’ could have a  motorcycle that he can ride.  One of my missionary friends is a powerful prayer warrior and intercessor.  She prayed over Josue’ and the difference in his attitude is amazing!  Please pray that he’ll continue learning to receive the love of Jesus into his heart.  She also prayed over me and I have more freedom and joy in Jesus.  I  have less pain in my body as the Lord continues to heal me from the effects of Chikugunya.
Analisa is 10 months old and “running” all over in her walker and she loves the Johnny Jump Up that the Holmbecks also donated.  She has been battling a bad cold, cough, strep throat, and a urinary tract infection, but is doing better now.  She just loves Josue’ and they are becoming good friends.  Not a single member of her birth family showed up at her last court hearing.  Please pray that Analisa will become available for adoption very soon.
Davy is almost 2 months old and is growing amazingly fast!  He is still such a good baby and finally gave his first real smile.  His birth mom and grandmother are faithful to visit him regularly.  At his court hearing the judge needed to cancel our meeting and it could not be rescheduled until April.
A friend of mine treated me and 2 other missionaries to 3 days of rest and relaxation at a resort near the Pacific Ocean.  While there, we experienced a 5.7 earthquake. The epicenter was even closer to home. Thank God no damage at our campus.
I finally found a vehicle big enough to transport my “family” and then some.  It’s a 2001 Mitsubishi Montero in excellent condition and low miles.  My mechanic has known the former owner his whole life and has been maintaining for the last 10 yrs. and so he knows this car very well. He was able to lower the price and recommended I buy it. When we went to exchange the title, I was surprised to see them using a regular typewriter instead of a computer.  We encountered the same at the lawyers office.
Every afternoon at 5:00 pm a herd of cows adds to the already crowded main street of San Jose’ nearby my house. 008
Thanks so much for your love and support!
Anita—Founder Destiny of Hope children’s home
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Destiny of Hope “Birth Announcement”

Destiny of Hope “Birth Announcement”

We have been blessed with the arrival of another brand new baby boy.  He is 2 weeks old and was born on Jason’s Birthday!  His birth mother named him Mauricio David.  He weighs 4 1/2 lbs. and is doing well. A friend of ours who has a 3 month old has an excess of breast milk.  She pumped out 7 bags full and promised to bring more every week.  Now Mauri won’t have the digestive issues Analisa has had to deal with.   Both of the other babies just love him already.

Analisa now has 2 bottom teeth.  At 9 months of age, she surprised us by throwing her very first temper tantrum.  Hopefully, she won’t follow Josue’ s example and make it a habit.  Speaking of Josue’, he is doing so much better in that area.  His latest form of rebellion has been to refuse to eat.  But that ‘s ok.  He gets hungry eventually and will finally eat what we had first offered to him.  He loves to give us kisses and big hugs.  He is crazy about motorcycles, but the Barbie motorcycle someone gave him just doesn’t cut it.  Anyone want to help us buy him a motorcycle or tricycle that he can actually ride?  Toys are horrendously expensive here.
Please pray that I will find a suitable vehicle to replace the small pick up I have now.  There just isn’t enough room for our growing family.
Thanks so much for your love and support!
Anita—Founder Destiny of Hope children’s home

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