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Hodges Herald: MAY, 2018

Hodges Herald: MAY, 2018

Dear praying mission team,

“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” (James 5:16) We are delighted to encourage you to continue to pray for our ministry by sharing how hodges_05-18_A_smallmuch your prayers, along with the prayers of others, have ‘availed’ the past nine years in the ministry
of Fina Linan, at lower left in the picture. Fina, born in Indonesia, was one of many media students
here at JAARS who I was  privileged to give part of their final exam: dubbing a language unknown to them (Italian) on the Jesus film video. This is a very effective way of reaching millions who cannot read or will
never learn to read. One villager’s comment from 2009 is the heart cry for this ministry: “I can’t become a Christian. I’m too old to learn to read.”


After a year and a half of language
study in France followed by seven
and a half years in Burkina Faso,
we were so happy to get together
with Fina as she begins her

Here’s one of the fascinating things
the Lord did during her ministry.

In ‘BF’, it’s customary to hire night guards. Fina gave her guard a small radio with an MP-3 Bible chip in his Morre language. Later she learned he listened to it all night every night. Learning he was a Muslim, she asked him why. “It makes me feel calm!”, he replied.

Fina found a Campus Crusade member to eventually lead Him to Christ and beginhodges_05-18_C_small
follow-up. In this photo, the two of them are watching a Campus Crusade video on how to follow Christ. Who’s the third person? A translator! The Campus Crusade
man does not speak the night guard’s language. WOW! There’s another amazing three-year story behind the Scripture radio I’ll share next month.

hodges_05-18_D_smallWhile waiting for my knee x-ray, an elderly man struggling to breathe was being rapidly wheeled out of the room next door on his way to the ER. I jumped up (well, as fast as this 82-year old could jump) and thrust a gospel tract into his hand while he was moving  down the hall. Will he be alive tomorrow? Only the Lord knows, but he’s carrying a ‘little paper missionary’ who can make sure he knows how to get to Heaven!

1 Peter 3:15 says we are to always be ready to answer those who ask the reason for our faith. How about this lady in WalMart hodges_05-18_E_smallwho asked to remove a bug crawling on my back? Close enough! Afterwards I shared our tract and then transitioned into my testimony and the gospel.


She listened more attentively noticing I was a vet from my USS Ranger hat. She became even more interested after learning I’d spent four years in the Marines before that. Why? When we parked our car, the one facing us had Marine Sergeant Major stripes in the front window. That was her car! Her husband had served 27 years in the Marines!


You can imagine how surprised this ex-F4 pilot was to receive our
tract with me in the RIO seat of a Navy F-4 of the type he flew 50
years ago. (I’m a former Navy radar field engineer on the F-4 radars.)
As if that weren’t enough, when I asked him how the AN/APQ-72hodges_05-18_H_small
worked for him, he was really surprised! He didn’t stick around long but the gospel ’hook’ is in and he kept the tract. He’s about my age so really needs prayer.
The blonde checkout clerk on the right gladly received another tract with a big smile.



At a theatre where a Christian film was showing, what looked like hodges_05-18_I_smalla teen-aged Nazi skin-head appeared in the darkness and sat near me. After the film I needed help getting up. Horrors! He rushed right over to help. (I said to myself, “Look out for your watch and wallet!”) As we exited the dark auditorium I began witnessing. He seemed to be very receptive to my testimony and gospel witness. When we got to the lighted lobby, it turned out that he was a slim, balding 40-year-old wearing a Captain America shirt. He dressed as Captain America to entertain sick children at the hospitals and had an engagement that night. He’s holding a picture of himself in full costume on his iPhone and also holding my ‘warmup’ tract I use to start witnessing conversations.
(101 Funny One-Liners including, “If at first you don’t succeed, don’t try sky diving!”)

hodges_05-18_J_smallI had two opportunities to share Christ with this 81-year old waiting for his wife at Irene’s recent mammogram visit. This close-up of his super hearing aid also shows the ‘little paper missionary’ he received with the gospel, part of the recent 8th printing of our tract.
Quality 4-color custom tracts like ours are expensive so thanks for your prayerful and financial support. Please pray for not only those witnessed to in this letter but many
more not in the letter. Though we delight in our Bible translation technology tasks, we esteem person-to-person gospel encounters the ultimate ministry you help make possible as our partners! Thank you all so very much. We count upon you!

But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer
to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you … 1 Peter 3:15

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God at the Jiffy Lube.

I, Tom, truly delight in sharing the gospel outside the church. I especially like group witnessing to ‘captive audiences’ in waiting rooms. We’d been postponing getting our car oil changed for weeks. However, when returning from my cardiologist’s visit, Irene said, “Over there!” So we pulled into a Jiffy Lube. I started a conversation with a very big young fellow who had just graduated from college with a double major and recently returned from a celebration trip to Tahiti. During our friendly chat, when he mentioned ‘beer,’ that was my cue to begin my personal testimony starting with when I was in the Marines and working into the gospel.

The manager, Tommy, came in just as I got to the good part. He was especially interested in my Navy service. His great grandfather had served in WW I, WW II, and Korea. A Marine sniper, he served aboard the USS Wilmington here in North Carolina which has his name engraved on a memorial plaque with other crew members. (We visited the Wilmington and looking through a forward gun turret sight saw the cross-hairs trained on someone’s window. How do they sleep at night?) Pray for all four men in the captive audience the Lord dropped in my lap. Also pray for many more I’ve shared Christ with this past month, including Marvin, an ex-paratrooper.

Tom and Irene Hodges – Bible Translation Tech Support

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Hodges Kuni 1Our February update carried an article about Roland Fumey’s Kuni translation in Papua New Guinea. This is an extremely difficult tonal language with something like seven different pitch levels plus semantic markers that change on various syllables to make the same word mean up to 13 different things! (Moe dogo can mean 16 different things!) Roland told me that without Speech Analyzer, translation would’ve therefore been impossible! Last month’s picture showed him recording some Kuni on the Speech Analyzer I was privileged to help develop for five years. (1998-2003). We are overjoyed to learn that after 25 years, the Kuni New Testament has finally been finished! Here are a few pictures from the dedication. Over 350 New Testaments, 280 audio Bibles, and 130 SD cards for smart phones were bought. (Their Kuni heritage is quite primitive but many are now technically up-to-date.) In addition, over 800 watched the Jesus film in Kuni! Not all these people were saved so PRAY! For those of you, new to our letter, I’m blessed to help give media trainees at JAARS their final exam dubbing a language (they do not know) onto the Jesus film. Most of you were praying for us during my work on Speech Analyzer so we are delighted to remind you that this dedication is also some of the long- term fruit of your prayers and dedication. We could not have done it without your prayers and support.

Tom and Irene Hodges – Bible Translation Tech Support

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Dear partners in missions,

This is the month when we think of valentine cards and valentine candy. Our thoughts then turn more intensely to the love of our sweethearts or families. I pray that I may come to know and feel more deeply the love of our Lord: to comprehend the width and length and the depth and height and as a result be filled with all the fullness of God. Further, that this overflow into a lost world will bring Glory to God as it brings lost souls to Him! (Ephesians 3)

Bible translator Roland Fumey finally arrived in PNG with four children after a 14-year delay and has been there since 1989. He is shown here on furlough in 2002 while I was helping to develop the Speech Analyzer (SA) you see on my desk. Roland is speaking Kuni-Boazi which is displayed on the computer. Yesterday, I learned he is still using SA to unravel the Kuni dialect! Most of you were our support base during the five years I was privileged to help develop SA before moving on to help develop two other Bible translation-related computer programs. So your prayers, 1998-2002, are still bearing fruit in Bible translation! (I LOVE to say that!) Kuni, is a tonal language which changes word meaning by subtle pitch inflections. The Kuni-Boazi had something around 10 different tone levels, as I recall, as well as 3 or 4 semantic indicators beyond that. The development of Speech Analyzer literally revolutionized translation of tonal languages, shaving years off the time for a translation. Here we see how the same word can have SEVEN different meanings depending on pitch inflections, or their sequence. Roland told me some words can have 16 different meanings and there are over 100 tonal sequences. Pray for Roland and many others who are using Speech Analyzer in Bible translation worldwide. Pray for Roland’s Kuni translation project. Also pray for my research project which could add a major enhancement to SA one day!

Don’t tell God how big your ‘storm’ is. Tell the storm how big your God is!

He is able to do exceeding, abundantly, above all we may ask or think! Eph. 3:20


Tom and Irene Hodges – Bible Translation Tech Support

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News from the Northwest – November

Dear Ministry Partners,
Last month, Bill, the leader of the Messianic Bible study we attend, invited us to a Yom Kippur service that was being conducted by his rabbi friend. Although Rabbi Z. has heard the gospel from Bill and his wife, he has resisted accepting Jesus. This is the same rabbi who gave me a “Tallit bag” to carry my prayer shawl in.

At the service, I noticed Bill was not wearing his prayer shawl, even though he made a point of telling me to bring mine. It’s required it in order to make “Alliyah” (that’s the prayers said as the Torah is being read). I was called to pray for the Middle East and for the peace of Jerusalem.

The rabbi had told Bill not to wear his prayer shawl because he is a believer in Jesus. That’s also why Rabbi Z. didn’t call him up to do any prayers. However, he didn’t object to my wearing the tallit or coming up to pray, though he knew that I’m a believer also. The reason, Bill said, is because I am older than the rabbi, and the Torah teaches we should respect our elders.

The rabbi has moved to Las Vegas and has placed his group into the hands of Bill and a rabbi who is a Messianic Jew. However, the rabbi has told them they cannot bring others from our Messianic bible study into this group. “I don’t want you trying to convert my group.” Of course there is plenty of material from the Old Testament that points to Jesus. Despite the rabbi’s ruling, Bill has asked me to be a part of the leadership, knowing that the rabbi wouldn’t voice any objections due to my age. At the Bible study, I’ve been leading prayers in Hebrew. Amazing how it’s all coming back–I haven’t spoken any Hebrew since high school. The study each week is staying consistently with its objectives: to show Yeshua (Jesus) from the Old Testament.

This coming January, Mission Connexion’s will be having its annual major event. We plan to be there at the CinA booth, along with Gordon Donoho, president of CinA, who is making plans to come up from California for the event and bringing an HQ staff member with him. There will be four plenary sessions, one hundred workshops, and seventy ministry booths. Attendance has been running at about 10,000 the past few years, and this is a tremendous opportunity for recruiting.

The work of Mission Connexion is to bring together those that want to serve and the ministries that need them. It’s like a job fair for Christians. Pray for good weather and good responses. In the one of the most unchurched cities of the U.S.–right here in Portland–God has raised up an organization to help Christians get more involved in missions around the world. We are privileged to be a part of that, thanks to God and your participation with us.

Portland has recently declared a state of emergency in regard to the homeless, which will enable more funds for the city to help them. Not only are they local people, but others from far away, even Florida, hear how well the homeless are treated here and assume there will be enough services for them. This only adds to the problem.

On holidays most of the services to the homeless except overnight stays are closed. Meals are limited. We would like to have a New Year’s Day outreach, sharing the Gospel and upgrading from snacks to a meal in a brown bag, as the Lord provides.

Leonard & Joy Rosenfeld