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As we look back on 2016 we’re so thankful to God for His faithfulness to us as a family and to the different mission locations in Colombia, Peru and Mexico that are seeing the power of God manifested in so many ways. May this new year bring even more results for the Glory of God.

Our Christmas Outreach in Baja was so amazing. We had ten on our team from the Whittier Area Community Church on December 9-11. We had twelve locations where we had special Christmas programs. Your prayers meant so much to us and many gave their hearts to the Lord.  Thanks to all of you who gave donations so that our churches could buy food and gifts for their people and those in the community. heredia-pic

Oaxaca:  This year enough donations came in that we were able to send an extra gift to our work in San Juan. Sister Blanca and others from the church bought and put together the gifts. They also extended an invitation to the community and prepared a wonderful meal for all to

We appreciate your prayers and monthly gifts. Coming in a few days is another update from our trip to Sonora and the trip in October to Oaxaca.

Your missionaries,

Bro. Tony and Margaret

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From Oaxaca to Ensenada to Hermosillo

What are you thankful for?

oaxca-fall-2016Tony and Jim came back from Oaxaca with wonderful stories of our Indian churches up in the mountains. They are hard workers and faithful followers of our Lord. Besides teaching and preaching Tony and Jim had a wedding and a baptism. Our church continues to study the Omega church planting course and their goal is to continue reaching the surrounding villages with the Gospel. Our ladies are always making tortillas and preparing meals for special meetings.

November 14 Tony travels to Ensenada to help our churches prepare for the children’s Christmas outreach in December. God has provided donations that will help pastors in twelve locations buy gifts and food for their Christmas program. Visiting the surrounding homes in the communities with the Gospel is our main goal. We’re praying that many new people will come out for the program, celebrating Christ birth.

On November 16 Bro. Tony and Pastor Sammy will fly from Tijuana to Hermosillo. Then theyhermosillo-church will go with a team from the church there to Villa Hidalgo. We are so thankful for this church and their love for our people in Villa Hidalgo. They are planning a special program to honor Pastor Ramon Soqui who passed away this year. He was raised in this small village and he and Tony made many trips there to plant the seeds of the Gospel. A church in Alaska along with friends Dick and Judy Swanson donated money and time to build a church there.

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Your missionaries,
Bro. Tony and Margaret Heredia

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Churches ministering to Churches

Sonora update 1
Individuals from the church in Hermosillo are ministering in our church in Villa Hidalgo.
Every two weeks a team travels about four hours to be with the believers here. We’re so thankful for their dedication and love to build up this church. We’re praying that one day soon a full-time pastor will be called to come and live in this small town and minister to these who have given their hearts to the Lord and reach out to those who still need Him.

Sonora update 2

During the Children’s Day celebration, you can see it was . A sight that pleases the missionaries. Much sowing of God’s word has been planted here in years past and we’re seeing the fruit of our labor. God is so faithful to hear our prayers.



Please pray for the Heredia’s travels through the end of 2016

  • Colombia/Peru: End of July
  • Baja, MX:  September – We’ll have a construction trip to Col. Guerrero to add two Sunday school rooms plus a small kitchen. A team from Fresno will be traveling with Tony.
  • Oaxaca: October – Jim Marquardt, retired CinA missionary, will be with Tony to teach, preach and fellowship with our church in the mountains of Oaxaca.
  • Sonora and Baja: November – Bro Tony and Sammy Soqui will be traveling together to visit our church in Villa Hidalgo.  Bro. Tony will also be giving our churches in Baja money to be used to buy gifts for the Christmas outreach.
  • Christmas outreach in Baja: mid – December

Thank you for your prayers as we travel around the world to minister His word and encourage those who know the Lord to continue His work.

Your missionaries,

Bro. Tony and Margaret Heredia

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Almost every time we’re in Oaxaca…

Missionaries: Tony & Margaret Heredia

First of all we want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.  Our first Thanksgiving together was in Cartagena, Colombia in 1973.  We had pumpkin pie made from starch, cooking a large squash, none of that canned pumpkin. Our Colombian friends didn’t seem to care for it but we loved it.pic 1

Celebrating our churches 40th year was a special blessing.  Tony’s first missionary partner Saturnino was able to come from Mexico and was honored by the church. This was his first time back to Cartagena in over 30 years.  Tony and Satu had some special times of prayer together. The church was packed!


Almost every time we’re in Oaxaca there is a wedding or a baptism or child dedication.  That shows there’s growth in the church.  Bobbie was not feeling well most of the time in San Pedro and Bill, her husband, thought he was going to have to take her down the mountain but the ladies of the church came and prayed for her. God answered their prayers; she started feeling better and was able to participate in the services praising God for His faithfulness.

The Omega Church Planting class was well attended by those who have a heart and passion to plant new churches up on their mountain top. We were able to take them another laptop computer. The Oaxacan brothers are eager to learn and are actively bringing Christ to the villages.

We’re  working on getting our mobile home ready for us to live in. It was in pretty bad condition but we’re happy to report that a friend from a local church is repairing the drywall and will also apply texturing. This phase is almost done.  Another brother in the Lord has a cabinet shop and has offered to make us the lower cabinets to match the upper ones. We’re still in need of money to buy flooring ($600) plus sinks and counter tops, stove etc. (about $1500).  We know God will supply as He has for the past 46 years.

If you would like to give towards this project please send it to our mission or send directly to us. We’ll appreciate your part in helping us to move in by December 15th. We would like to spend Christmas in our new place.

Your missionaries,

Tony & Margaret Heredia

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