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Christians in Action Liberia

Christians in Action Liberia

November 2015

Dear praying friend,

The excitement in serving the Lord comes when those whose lives have been impacted by your ministry become visible. So indeed, God has been gracious in reaching out His redeeming love – the testimonies of changed lives, the excitement in learning and growing in one’s faith and His faithfulness in supplying the needs of the ministry.

By the faithful prayers and financial support of our loving ministry partners and friends, the Lord has brought us this far, in reaching out with the Good News message of the GRACE and MERCY of our GOD.

The pictures affixed on this newsletter are a representation of the work we have been engaged with over the last 12 months:


Angel, a five year old boy accepted Christ during one of our feeding programs and since then became part of the church. After a few weeks, he brought all his family over to Christians in Action.  His mother Omel, sister Odell and elder brother Fred are now active members of the church serving as recording secretary, praise leader and training to become pastor respectively.FeedingTraining_Program_original

Fred is also the youth leader and teacher of Judy Zinser Early Learning Center. This is just one of the several ways God is using us in Liberia to reach out to the children.


The devastating effect of the Ebola epidemic left almost everyone with stress and trauma. Many non-governmental organizations carried out psychosocial support workshops, but mostly in cities. Christians in Action realizing that most of the stressed and traumatized people are in  our churches, conducted a seminar with all Sunday School teachers of the churches in Robertsport.  This venture was undertaken to ease pastors’ responsibility for counseling and reduce their heavy workload. The ten churches that responded were represented by two persons each. Overall, 20 Sunday school teachers attended and received a certificate for participating. The impact and effect of this seminar on the churches and the community of believers has become an open door for the success of subsequent seminars and workshops. Please keep us in prayers for logistical support to carry our vision of training in leadership and discipleship.


school_originalThis school was established to support “young stars” by providing education at an affordable cost. The fees of $50.00 per child per annum go strictly toward subsidizing teachers’ salary while funds received from Harry Zinser are partly used to cover school furniture, purchase learning materials and pay for students on JZMF Scholarship.  We are very much grateful to Harry for his donations to support of the Judy Zinser Memorial Foundation (JZMF).

The school stops at first grade and we hope to increase attendance as the academic year goes by. Please remember to pray for us that we would also impact the children spiritually.  A Muslim parent having two children in the school said he would prefer to have his children educated in a Christian school because he is confident that they would be impacted with good morals in them besides the education. The first two pictures on the next page show classes in session.


During the close of 2014 and the middle of 2015 the Lord provided funds through Grace Community Church in Visalia and Central Christian Church in Lancaster for the first church building project to house the young growing congregation in the Muslim dominated community of Robertsport. Amidst the challenges, God was able to see us through in getting the building project to a level that it could be used by our church for special ministry functions.  Such ministry functions for example, were the psychosocial support Seminar that attracted 20 Sunday school Teachers, the 164th Independence Day Celebrations that attracted over 400 children for a feeding treat; the children Sunday school and now, the temporary housing of the Judy Zinser Early Learning Center.church_original

The church building project is almost at the finishing point.  All what is left to be done is fixing of real windows, tiling, painting and installation of toilet accessories.  Cost for these materials including transportation and labor is $9,000.00.

As it is our desire to officially dedicate and open the new church in April 2016, we are trusting in the Lord to provide the needed funds before the deadline as given above.Congregation in from of church

  • Partner with Hope 2 Liberia to run a joint training for teachers of Robertsport. Pray that this partnership will be a blessing to the teachers and us all.
  • Organize a Soul Winning Seminar in Robertsport where other churches will also benefit from it. Pray that souls will come to salvation at the seminar.
  • Assist some high-school graduates who have not been able to further their education because they could not pass college entrance exams. Our responsibility is to provide guidance and financial assistance. Pray that this venture will yield spiritual fruit among them, especially the Muslim students.
  • We want to do feeding and give Christmas gifts to a remote village. We believe this could be an opportunity to reach out with the Good News to a community that does not have a church. Pray for wisdom and for God’s provision in reaching out to them as planned.

Once more, on behalf of our ministry in Liberia, I want to thank you for your love, care, prayer and financial support during this year. It is our prayer that the GOOD LORD will bless your family, business and all the other ventures going on in your life.

Yours in Christ, Christian and Augusta

Christian and Augusta Kallon, Missionaries in West Africa

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