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In the waters of baptism

In the waters of baptism

Our dearly beloved in Christ,

Greetings in our precious savior’s matchless name!

We had a baptism service conducted last Saturday trusting in our Lord, where 3 boys from the Home, as well as a believer who worships the Lord with us here obeyed the Lord. It was indeed a blessed occasion as we could once again witness our Lord’s goodness and rejoice in the fact that the young boys as well as the adults could taste His love.  He was merciful to them that they were moved to obey His commandments in the waters of baptism. One of them was an elderly lady, who had first come to our Home to have her grandson dropped off to stay with us. We are glad that she is now a child of God who is very keen in growing in Him as well.

Although I was not particularly in good health (my back does gives me trouble at times), and it was not too comfortable having to stoop for the immersion, God gave me His grace to do the service for His name’s glory alone. We had the privilege of being graced by the presence of a few local Pastors as well, who prayed for them before they went into the water. It was conducted at our own baptism pool, which we were able to construct with the prayers and support of love received from many of our supporters like you – praise God.
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Please pray for  the boys who got baptized and the elderly lady so that they will live a life that brings glory to our Savior’s great name, and that they will be witnesses for His love.

God bless you!

many wonderful provisions from above

many wonderful provisions from above

Praise the Lord! Elijah was a man just like us, but through his faith he was able to do many miraculous things. As we serve the same God he had put his trust in, we too receive many wonderful provisions from above, which may seem impossible to man. We have now completed the roofing project at the boys’ home and are happy to share a few pictures.

You can see me, Paul,  standing under the newly- built roof with Paneer, folding his hands, a bit shy. He is from Erodu, Tamil Nadu and had come to us four years ago from a hindu village.  His father is a poojari (the chief leader of worship at a Hindu temple). This is what he had said to a Pastor who is related to him – “take my son with you and bring him up in your way of life (Christian), never mind what I believe or am doing”. He knew the path of the Pastor was hopeful blessed. The boy is now born again and he wants to be baptized along with the other six grown-ups at the home.


Praise God for the provision of the roof – the purpose is achieved, as you can see the children have started hanging their washed cloths to dry. This other thought came to me as well – there will be thousands of liters of water coming down the roof when it rains, and rather than wasting it, it would be great if we could make a big water tank underneath the roof, where we can store the water. The construction is on its way. It is in fact half-way through and will be completed soon. This is with a two-fold purpose- it can be used as a Baptism pool, and for water storage during the dry season – letting you know for your kind prayer and consideration.

For the past many weeks, we had been experiencing the most darkest period in Marayoor due to power outage and other calamities due to heavy wind. Until now, there has not been much rain in our area but we are expecting it from next week. We experience power failure quite often and therefore we could do with a generator for the children to use as they have so much of home-work to be done. Mere candles will not be enough if the outages extend to more than a couple of hours.


There are other exciting stories of people who turned to Jesus. Please wait for the next time, be blessed. Thank you so much for the love and concern you have shown towards us and the Lord’s ministry we are entrusted with, especially with the roofing project. May God reward you richly for the partaking you had in this.

In His Harvest field,

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‘My Hope’

‘My Hope’

Greetings in the matchless name of our great Savior and Lord Jesus Christ! As one of the dear brethren shared recently, “Jesus wanted the servants at Canaa to obey His words – likewise, we are to await His instructions and to obey them without a second thought in order to receive His blessings. He uses those who are ignored and those who are not noticed by anybody ever, for the manifestation of His glory through them.” Praise God that He chose us as His vessels for the same purpose, to spread His love and the Good News, thereby manifesting His glory in and through us.

I am delighted to share a few lines on the recently concluded Vacation Bible School – 2016. Needless to say, it was indeed a great blessing to have conducted the VBS. Including the 150 children who attended, and the other helping hands we were blessed with, there were about two hundred altogether. The children thoroughly enjoyed the action songs and the Bible stories that were shared with them. I have to say I was rather concerned of the safety of the kids while they were being transported in and out. For sure, our father in Heaven took care of everything in an exemplary manner. We praise and thank God as the two days’ meeting went very well, and it turned out to be for the glory of God the father. The theme for this year was ‘My Hope’, and the children were given memory verses to by-heart and recite. We were able to provide them with good food, and they all enjoyed the tasty Biryani that was served. For those children who excelled at the different spiritual programs that were conducted, we gave away prizes in the form of stainless steel plates and glasses. At the end of the second day, everybody returned happily, with a thankful heart, in the hope that we shall meet each other again next year, God willing.

The highlight of this year’s VBS would be a teenager by the name of Va. He had come to visit me along with an old student of our institution. He had brought Va, who is his friend, when he came to see me, and Va wanted to leave in 15 minutes. God gave me the grace to make use of the opportunity to share the Gospel with him. Thank God for His wonderful provisions, and the miraculous ways in which He opens up doors for us to share the story of the rugged cross with many who are lost – Va accepted the Lord as I led him in prayer. He lives close by, so I am going to be seeing him again very soon.

God bless you abundantly in the days to come. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your love and support that you have extended to us in the past.

In Christ,


With his Savior, there is no pain or sorrow

Greetings from India. We are greatly delighted to share the latest gesture of heavenly love our Father in heaven was pleased to bless us with.

Returning to India, I could not wait to meet Ganga and her father Photo0293Gangadharan Pillai. I wanted to pray with him as he is very sick. I was able to hand over the inspiring life story of Sadhu Sunder Singh, a great saintly person who lived in India in the 20th century. He came to faith, and through many persecutions and oppositions from his own people and others, he persevered with spreading the gospel to lost souls in many places, especially in Tibet. Pillai is reading the book but I also wanted to give him the whole Bible which God enabled me to do. He was glad to receive it from my hands. Ganga was there with us in the Church while I preached last Sunday. Please pray for her father as his doctor suspects he has cancer. However, he is not scared of death, and says he wants to go home to be with his Savior, where there is no pain or sorrow. What great faith he has though he is a new believer! What is all the more joyful is that he took away all the Hindu idols he had with out me asking, as he understood idol worship is not pleasing to the Lord. He needs our help in the practical sense too, which I am pleased to do occasionally as he is a genuine seeker. I request your fervent prayers for both of them, that they may experience the love and peace that Jesus promises, and that they may be a shining example to many others around them.

In Christ’s love,


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