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Guatemala Volcano de Fuego Relief


(Taken from the Toledo’s August 2018 Newsletter)

While national and international aid came quickly and
sufficiently, the grief of lost loved ones, homes and
livelihood because of the Guatemalan Volcano de Fuego was very evident. Miguel and Linda Toledo, Central America Area Directors, and a team of locals joined with Christians in Action coordinators, Ron and Virginia McCabe of LARMS (Latin America Relief &
Medical Services) ministered in a neighborhood, a shelter of 360 people, and at the foot of Fuego–just one mile away from the destruction in a community traumatized by being “trapped” between a lava flow and a river.

There are plans to return there in October or November to do follow-up medical attention as well as to those who received Christ through personal witness.


“But, I like a cookie.”

Some time ago in the Brig, I shared an observation from the cartoon-movie “Over the Hedge” with Bruce Willis. The scene showed our heroes (the forest animals) humorously executing a plan to turn off the human’s backyard motion detectors and alarms so they could raid the house and steal the food.


Hammy the squirrel on his mission, getting distracted by the cookie. (LOL)

Hammy the Squirrel does a tightrope walk across a fishing line, from a tree to the house. Once on the rooftop, Hammy continues on his mission and is immediately distracted by a cookie that was previously thrown away. RJ the Racoon, the mastermind of the plan, recognizes the cookie distraction as potential failure of their ultimate goal – an abundance of food. He pleads with Hammy, “No, Hammy, not the cookie. I told you that cookie was junk!” Hammy whimpers, “But I like a cookie.” RJ quickly digs into his tool bag and pulls out a red laser light, which he uses it to recapture Hammy’s attention and guide him to the completion of his mission – disabling the alarm.

Like Hammy on a mission, God calls his sons and daughters on a mission (2Tim 4:5 & 2Cor 5:18). And who among us cannot relate to getting off-track with distractions at the expense of fulfilling our mission? Believers, we need to clearly remember that these distractions:

1. Actually compete with God’s will for our lives.
2. Take on many forms, i.e., relationships (ungodly or untimely), addictions or bad    habits, material things, money, work, ministry, worry, fear, and ungodly beliefs.
When distracted, we end up wasting our time, energy, and resources. These distractions are more accurately understood as forms of modern-day idolatry, which I refer to as the Five P’s.

▪ Any Person, Pleasure, Pain, Problem, or Philosophy in your life that is greater than God is an idol.
In Exodus 20:3, God gave mankind His very first commandment. “You shall have no other gods before me.” Simply put, any time a person, pleasure, pain, problem, or philosophy consumes us and takes precedence in our lives (words, thoughts, and deeds), we are walking in idolatry… modern-day idolatry.

But God! Thank the Lord for His love and patience towards us. I can see Him pleading with us and warning us, “No, no, no! That’s not good for you right now! Put the cookie down.” And our drama-queen response too often is tears welling up in our eyes, grasping that thing tighter, and whimpering to God, “But, I like a cookie.” I can hear God asking, “Do you trust me?” In continuing comfort God says, “Every test that you experience is the kind that normally comes to people. But I will keep My promise, and I will not allow you to be tested beyond your power to remain firm; at the time you are put to the test, I will give you the strength to endure it, and so provide you with a way out.” (1Cor 10:13 GNB)

Our normal, conditioned response is, “But, I like a cookie.” Because I don’t understand and I am presently too invested in that “thing,” it can be difficult to let go, continue to pursue my will, and not His. However, faith in Christ and maturity compels me to trust God and to let go of the cookie. And, as I do let go of those cookies, I increasingly find that He has my best interests at heart, He is faithful, and what He gives me is always better than anything I’ve chosen on my own. So, join me in “dropping those cookies.” (LOL)

Agree with us in prayer…NickGuerra_5-31-18_B

“Fix bayonets!” Role-playing: Christians vs. Critics using the Bible to respond to modern-day controversial issues.

a. For the Brig/Prison — for the inmates, guards, and their families. Bind up spirits of suicide, shame, condemnation, and pride. And loose a spirit of salvation, discipleship, forgiveness, exposure, healing, deliverance, peace, and restoration!

b. For increased discernment and power over demonic activity in the barracks. Several instances among have occurred in the dorm rooms of Believers and non-Believers. (On a positive note, non-Believers are asking the Christians to come and cleanse their rooms from unclean spirits.)

c. For those “standing in the gap” while we’re off island for our daughter’s wedding.
– Monday R&R Discipleship class (Howard & Christian)
– Wednesday Brig Bible Study (Joel & Patsy)
– Friday Brig Sxxual Integrity class (Pastor Tuck)
– Saturday ZCDC (Howard & Christian)

d. For our current schedule, i.e. finances, resources, wisdom, strategies, and strength:
– Sun: Share/Report Christians In Action
– Mon: Radical & Relevant (R&R) @7pm
– Wed: Brig Christian Fellowship (BCF) @7pm
– Thu: Publish Think On These Things newsletters
– Thu: Publish Youtube video (YahwehHasASon)
– Fri: Sxxual Integrity & Restoration (SIR) @9am
– Sat: Zebulun Christian Discipleship Center (ZCDC) @6pm

In closing…

NickGuerra_4-06-18_DIt amazes me that this woman keeps up with me… and puts up with me. (LOL) I am humbled by her love.

Saints, Sandy and I continue to covet your prayers as we are presently in the US for the marriage of our oldest daughter. I thank God for the many people who’ve stepped up and out in faith to minister in our outreaches while we’re away.

Even while traveling in the US, God is using me to minister and counsel people in deep, healing ways. For whatever reason, God has anointed me and enabled me to open doors with strangers very quickly on extremely sensitive and private topics. (Those of you who’ve hung around me know this to be true.) As such, God uses us to bring forth healing and deliverance in rapid, mighty ways. (Glory to God!)

Just a reminder, Sandy and I have to travel to the US twice this summer – our daughter’s wedding and the triennial CinAMI conference in September. Please bear in mind that we are full-time missionaries and “out here” completely by faith in God. As such, we rely on people for financial support. Please consider partnering with us through financial gifts and offerings. Donations can be made online at Christians In Action. Or, you can mail contributions to the address listed below.

I declare that you are not surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange was happening to you. (1Pe 4:12)
In His comfort,
Pastor Nick & Sandy Guerra


Contributions can be sent to:
Dominic Guerra (Acct# 426)
c/o Christians In Action, Missions International
1318 E. Shaw Avenue – Suite 308
Fresno, CA 93710-7912

▪ Please ensure Acct #426 is annotated on your contribution so the funds can be allocated correctly.
▪ Please share/forward these newsletters at your discretion.

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Abraham See: Work in Thailand

Editor’s note: Anything in parentheses has been added or changed slightly by the editor for clarity.

April 15, 2018
We went to the Village in Laos 🇱🇦 Continues. Thanks pray for me every things doing good for me.



Hello Christians In Action Missions International, Fresno, CA.

This (above) is house 🏡 Churches in the Laos 🇱🇦 Worshipped the Lord. 🙏 Amen.

Non Christian about 45 families. About in Jesus Christ 15 Families in the 🇱🇦 Laos.

Praying 🙏 for that’s better because they’re don’t have enough room worshiping the Lord.

Pray for help making bigger church . Amen.


April 23 through 26, 2018 in the Thailand
Abraham See, Bible training these peoples of God. God is working on them, and people (are) flowing (in) Jesus and flowing of Christ Jesus.

Thailand Mission Trip April 2018
Children Update and Bible Training

  •      I helped create a restroom made from cement. 8 stalls, 4 for boys and 4 for girls.
  •      Working on creating a bamboo house. One for boys and one for girls. There is enough room for 70 children. (They are to be completed) May 14 to house the children, to teach, and provide shelter.
  •      Created irrigation system to allow water into that area.
  •      I used about 40,000 Thai Baht ( about $1,242 US dollars) to rent a space to teach for 3 days and 2 nights. I also provided them with food for the training.
  •      Left 3,000 Thai Baht ($93.25 USD) for Children food.
  •      Left another 3,000 Baht to buy roofing material for houses.
  •      Taught about 26 people from Laos and some from Thailand about the Bible so they can take back the teaching to their country. Pray that we find a permanent location. (I am) giving of certificates for them coming. I am hoping to go back 2 times a year to do this.
  •      Thank you for the donations!


Abraham See

If you would like to support Abraham and Wai See and the work the Lord is doing through them in Thailand, visit: , scroll down to “See, Abraham & Wai,” and click “Donate.”

Hodges Herald: MAY, 2018

Hodges Herald: MAY, 2018

Dear praying mission team,

“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” (James 5:16) We are delighted to encourage you to continue to pray for our ministry by sharing how hodges_05-18_A_smallmuch your prayers, along with the prayers of others, have ‘availed’ the past nine years in the ministry
of Fina Linan, at lower left in the picture. Fina, born in Indonesia, was one of many media students
here at JAARS who I was  privileged to give part of their final exam: dubbing a language unknown to them (Italian) on the Jesus film video. This is a very effective way of reaching millions who cannot read or will
never learn to read. One villager’s comment from 2009 is the heart cry for this ministry: “I can’t become a Christian. I’m too old to learn to read.”


After a year and a half of language
study in France followed by seven
and a half years in Burkina Faso,
we were so happy to get together
with Fina as she begins her

Here’s one of the fascinating things
the Lord did during her ministry.

In ‘BF’, it’s customary to hire night guards. Fina gave her guard a small radio with an MP-3 Bible chip in his Morre language. Later she learned he listened to it all night every night. Learning he was a Muslim, she asked him why. “It makes me feel calm!”, he replied.

Fina found a Campus Crusade member to eventually lead Him to Christ and beginhodges_05-18_C_small
follow-up. In this photo, the two of them are watching a Campus Crusade video on how to follow Christ. Who’s the third person? A translator! The Campus Crusade
man does not speak the night guard’s language. WOW! There’s another amazing three-year story behind the Scripture radio I’ll share next month.

hodges_05-18_D_smallWhile waiting for my knee x-ray, an elderly man struggling to breathe was being rapidly wheeled out of the room next door on his way to the ER. I jumped up (well, as fast as this 82-year old could jump) and thrust a gospel tract into his hand while he was moving  down the hall. Will he be alive tomorrow? Only the Lord knows, but he’s carrying a ‘little paper missionary’ who can make sure he knows how to get to Heaven!

1 Peter 3:15 says we are to always be ready to answer those who ask the reason for our faith. How about this lady in WalMart hodges_05-18_E_smallwho asked to remove a bug crawling on my back? Close enough! Afterwards I shared our tract and then transitioned into my testimony and the gospel.


She listened more attentively noticing I was a vet from my USS Ranger hat. She became even more interested after learning I’d spent four years in the Marines before that. Why? When we parked our car, the one facing us had Marine Sergeant Major stripes in the front window. That was her car! Her husband had served 27 years in the Marines!


You can imagine how surprised this ex-F4 pilot was to receive our
tract with me in the RIO seat of a Navy F-4 of the type he flew 50
years ago. (I’m a former Navy radar field engineer on the F-4 radars.)
As if that weren’t enough, when I asked him how the AN/APQ-72hodges_05-18_H_small
worked for him, he was really surprised! He didn’t stick around long but the gospel ’hook’ is in and he kept the tract. He’s about my age so really needs prayer.
The blonde checkout clerk on the right gladly received another tract with a big smile.



At a theatre where a Christian film was showing, what looked like hodges_05-18_I_smalla teen-aged Nazi skin-head appeared in the darkness and sat near me. After the film I needed help getting up. Horrors! He rushed right over to help. (I said to myself, “Look out for your watch and wallet!”) As we exited the dark auditorium I began witnessing. He seemed to be very receptive to my testimony and gospel witness. When we got to the lighted lobby, it turned out that he was a slim, balding 40-year-old wearing a Captain America shirt. He dressed as Captain America to entertain sick children at the hospitals and had an engagement that night. He’s holding a picture of himself in full costume on his iPhone and also holding my ‘warmup’ tract I use to start witnessing conversations.
(101 Funny One-Liners including, “If at first you don’t succeed, don’t try sky diving!”)

hodges_05-18_J_smallI had two opportunities to share Christ with this 81-year old waiting for his wife at Irene’s recent mammogram visit. This close-up of his super hearing aid also shows the ‘little paper missionary’ he received with the gospel, part of the recent 8th printing of our tract.
Quality 4-color custom tracts like ours are expensive so thanks for your prayerful and financial support. Please pray for not only those witnessed to in this letter but many
more not in the letter. Though we delight in our Bible translation technology tasks, we esteem person-to-person gospel encounters the ultimate ministry you help make possible as our partners! Thank you all so very much. We count upon you!

But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer
to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you … 1 Peter 3:15

C H R I S T I A N S    I N    A C T I O N    M I S S I O N S,    I N T ’ L.
1318 E. Shaw, Suite 308, Fresno, CA 93710
Please designate support as:
016 Hodges, Bible Translation Tech Support
Send us your prayer needs:
Tom and Irene Hodges, 6903 Aerowood Circle, Waxhaw, NC 28173
Irene: Tom:

Fire in the Hole!! … and water, and ice and men with chisels….

Fire in the Hole!! … and water, and ice and men with chisels….

Dear Friends,reifel_5-7-18

Some of our men are back at the Wellington site in Freetown, using fire, ice water, picks and shovels to clear out the granite rock that has obstructed progress between the well and the water. Many wells by now are either dry or muddy at the bottom if they have not been dug far enough because this is the end of dry season and we may have had rain six or seven times since the beginning of November.


Last week the men began to build a large coal fire on this big piece of granite in the hole. Once the fire was good and hot they sent cold water down on top of the heated rock to weaken it. The men then went down with hammer and chisel to break the rock into pieces which are being hauled up to the surface. The irony is having to drive to another town to buy 150-300 gallons of water and huge blocks of ice to bring back to dump down a dry well hole!
This has been several times and Tommy has been sending us updates.

reifel_5-18-18_b_smallIf you look closely at the second picture you’ll see a man is sitting on the other side of a pile of granite. Wonder how heavy those stones are? A small chunk of granite has considerable weight! This is incredibly heavy, tedious work right now. We don’t
normally pursue one hole this way but they are so hard up for water in this urban neighborhood that we feel it is crucial to give this our best shot in Wellington at the Grace CinA Church. The only local well is limited to those who need it for drinking and its recharge rate is not very good right now. We’ll keep you posted on the rest of this project in WELLington… keep it in your prayers too.


Almost two weeks ago Fredica and Tommy went to Tobu to give the mWASH training.
Tobu’s well has given us some interesting issues. For one, it was sunk into incredibly hard, dry clay that has fissures between layers, allowing the collection of water into
a sump, which supplies the well with a steady source of clean water.
There is only a slight scent left of clay, which has put some people off using it, but others reifel_5-7-18_DeepWellMinistriesSLhave opted to steer clear of the old water hole (seen above) and continue to use the well for everything. In the rainy season the river will fill up again and all the junk from
other areas will wash down into it, further contaminating that water. The people who are using the well exclusively have testified that it has improved their health a great deal!

The mWASH program and discussion
about use of the well water vs the water hole has convinced many to begin using the well exclusively and we will
continue to monitor it for silty sediments. Those who attended all thereifel_5-18-18_d_small
sessions received bars of soap for their personal use.
Elmer and I have been busy compiling our reports for the SL Annual General Meeting and ones for the international office as well. This year the AGM will be held in Freetown and prior to that five day event, there will be a special team coming to lead a Pastors & Wives Retreat, including a one day Youth retreat. The CinA Director from England, Freddie Roberson is leading this special program. Pray for good health, excellent
meetings and faithful followers of Jesus Christ to be edified.


THANK YOU to those who contributed to the Sierra Leone Development Fund for wells in April!

… the private donors, whom we won’t embarrass by naming publicly, we REALLY thank God for your partnership in the well work! BIKA BIKA!
…the Hillside Missionary Church family for their generous sponsorship, enabling us to drill another well in Sierra Leone! What a blessing you have been and are to our ministry!
Recently some people have asked us for information about making donations.
If you are interested and want to become part of the ministry here…
…financial Support is sent to:

Christians In Action Missions International

USA– Account M387 (personal) or 387V (truck) or 743 (CinA SL Development/wells)
visit online:, click link to and look for our names
or US Mail: 1318 E Shaw Ave *Suite 308 * Fresno, CA * 93710 USA
Canada Mail: PO Box 344* Chilliwack, BC. * V2P 6J4 (Account 387)
(donations through Canada go solely to ministry expenses, not including vehicle nor wells)



It is a good thing we are a bit ‘grounded’ as far as the office work since our truck has needed some TLC for the last few weeks. In fact Elmer and the mechanic have gone as far as to RECONNECT the truck bed to the frame!
We hope this will make our ride a little quieter- It certainly will help make sure the loads are more secure! We were also getting roasted by the heat coming from the transmission area and found out why and remedied that as well. The next thing to be done is to replace the tires so they are ready for rainy season. Some of you will appreciate the frustration of wearing out a brand new hole saw and breaking four good bits in the process! Thank you to everyone of you who ‘keeps us running’!




Hodges Herald: Partners in Bible Translation


Dear praying mission team,
‘HE is RISEN INDEED!’ As a former 11-year atheist, solid evidence
for the resurrection lifted my spiritual search ‘flight’ to
99.9% of a climb-out through the overcast of doubt. Want to
know more? Download our testimony/apologetics book at I’ve recently done a major revision in
the section about the 75% climb-out point, proofs the Bible is God’s word.


Specials from our book on page two include an incredible poem, which when read forward describes my atheist philosophy before finding Christ. Then, when read backwards describes my new life in Christ! At citation 96, you’ll find an Internet link to a video, The Atheist Delusion, in which Ray Comfort witnesses to atheists. It’s had 15 million views and is the Christian rebuttal to world famous atheist Richard Dawkin’s The God Delusion. (You’ll also find links to 20 other videos of world-class apologists like Lee Strobel and Ravi Zacharias plus three live Christian vs. Atheist debates.) We hope this delightful ‘spiritual garden’ from our book will bless you.

No Garden is Complete Without Turnips:

Turnip for Meetings,

Turnip for Service,

Turnip to Help One Another.

Plant Three Rows of Squash:

Squash Gossip,

Squash Indifference,

Squash Selfishness.

Plant Four Rows of Lettuce:

Lettuce be Faithful,

Lettuce be Kind,

Lettuce be Patient,

Lettuce Really Love One Another.

Every Garden Needs Thyme:

Make Thyme for Each Other,

Make Thyme for Family,

Make Thyme for Friends.

Now You May Plant Three Rows of Peas:

Peace of Mind,

Peace of Heart,

Peace of Soul.

We Reap What We Sow!

Water Freely With Patience and Cultivate With Love.

Bob Creason, Wycliffe CEO, shared this story of a translation
partner who visited a Kokomba village in hodges_04-18_bGhana.
“God doesn’t speak our language,” village leaders said; “He only speaks English.”
You can imagine their surprise when Morgan, the partner, began playing Matthew on his audio player. Pray God will mightily use similar technology in so many other villages where Christ is not known and darkness rules. Also pray He may thrust many other translators out into the harvest.

hodges_04-18_dWITNESSING in the BOLD ZONE!
Sharing Christ with this abrupt Navy Chief in a Dollar General store was a joy for me, but it also required some boldness to approach perfect strangers with a message they may not like. Was this Doritos advertisement the Lord’s way of telling me I’m in HIS boldness zone, though I may not always feel it? Holy courage born of faith is
built upon ‘Lo I am with you always!’ He is! (Mt. 28)

Why a book? Jesus said to ‘tell what great things the Lord hath done for thee’.
(Lk. 8:49, Mt. 28:20) Today, instead of telling the whole city, we can publish
electronically on the Internet to the whole world! Yes, the book’s a bit long but
it’s not to be read cover to cover like a novel. An extensive index allows you to
choose only what’s interesting to you. Hyperlinks will ‘jump’ you there directly and back.
ATTENTION! These jumps don’t work properly if read online (https format). Download to your device and the PDF will work fine!
The first part of the book is how I, an 11-year atheist, found and began to follow Christ. Chapter 6 is our mission call and was our biggest barrier to overcome: ‘Who’d want to support us?’. (Since the book is on our mission website, many mission prospects would have the same question, so pray it will allay their fears and encourage them to step out by faith at the Lord’s call as we did 51 years ago.)
Skeptics will love to jump to the ‘Skeptic’s Fast Tract’ right from page one. Most of the book is in optional appendices especially for skeptics and hardened atheists who would say as I used to, “First show me scientific, mathematical, and logical evidence, then we can talk about the ’touchy-feely’ stuff.”
Last month we recommended a book about the 9-year-old Vietnamese girl who was horribly burned by napalm but 10 years later overcame her bitterness and despair by receiving Christ.
Irene found this even more interesting book, written by napalm girl herself, in a local library!
Your prayers for us are vital to our ministry for the Lord. Thank you! They also motivate others to pray for us. Here is part of a very encouraging note we received from one of my former missionary students from around 40 years ago.

“I was praying for you and your family just a few minutes ago and I am full of admiration for you both for your commitment and loyalty to the Lord’s work. I thank God for you and all that you have done and still are accomplishing and just know you will receive a wonderful reward when you lay down your crowns.”
(I don’t think we’re worthy of all this but we’re so grateful for her continued interest, fellowship, and prayers.)


PRAY — as I continue
testing Phonology Assistant
(PA) for Bible translatorshodges_04-18_EE
in my favorite
place, the quiet JAARS
cafeteria. As I test, I’m
also rewriting the ‘how
to’ manual beside me.
PRAY — Pray I (Tom)
can finish PA testing the
next few months as I’m
postponing risky surgery
on my heart’s aortic
valve. Mortality for this
is from 5-17%. I’m also
overdue for risky leg
vein surgery.
PRAY — A California
church which had $400
of our monthly support
will be forced to discontinue
in June due to
budget cuts.

Might the Lord be calling you
to pick up a portion
of that?
PRAY — for several
dozen witnessed to
and that tracts may
continue to ‘speak’.


Guarantee atheists can find God: ‘And ye shall seek me, and find me,
when ye shall search for me with all your heart.’ (Jer. 29:13)
C H R I S T I A N S    I N    A C T I O N    M I S S I O N S,    I N T ’ L.
1318 E. Shaw, Suite 308, Fresno, CA 93710

Please designate support as:
016 Hodges,
Bible Translation Tech Support

Send us your prayer needs:
Tom and Irene Hodges, 6903 Aerowood Circle, Waxhaw, NC 28173
Irene: Tom:

Rosenfeld Prayer Update


Dear Ministry Partners,

Greetings in the Name of Jesus. We have had a wonderful beginning and end to the month of April. On the Saturday before Easter, the weather was great, and we drove into downtown Portland with care bags for the homeless. Each one had a tract, socks, a juice packet, a snack, and a chocolate cross or praying hands with a prayer on the inside of the packet. The packets went quickly as the homeless population continues to grow. We had asked you to pray that we could engage some people in conversation, and God answered! Praise God, and thank you for praying!

The homeless situation has been the subject of all the candidates running for office in this month’s primary election. We keep hearing about the plans for dealing with the crisis but nothing concrete evolves. Homeless camps keep springing up but then get shut down because they are located on private property.

On the last Saturday of April we had an evangelism booth at a parade and carnival event. We have been at this event in the past but last year it was canceled at the last minute due to a threat of violence by a radical group. We gave out Bibles and also had tracts in 32 different languages. Some of the ones who stopped by were excited to see something in their language. One guy was so excited he had Joy stand by the table so he could take pictures. Others also stopped by and again we had some good conversations.
We have been praying about attending the CinA conference that will be held in Fresno this September. Pray all the details will work out.

We do want to thank all of you for your prayers and support. It is gratefully appreciated and a real encouragement to us.

In Christ,
Leonard & Joy Rosenfeld

For a tax-deductible receipt, please make gifts payable to: Christians in Action, 1318 E. Shaw Ave., Suite 308, Fresno, CA 93710, designated “020-Rosenfeld, Northwest Outreach.” Your gifts will reach people for Christ and for missions! 

“PMMO-2018… Mission Accomplished!”



The official final numbers! Glory to God! (Check out our FB ARMS page.)




Another ARMS Philippines Medical/Dental Mission Outreach (PMMO) is in the books – recorded in history to the glory of God!
This was one of our largest teams to-date, however, it amazes me what can be accomplished when brothers and sisters in-Christ — half of whom have never met — come together in unity. With the mind of Christ and love in our hearts, ARMS brings folks together quickly as family, which enables us to accomplish much on the field.
I have to make mention of the minor “sugaries” (surgeries — inside joke) that filled our days. Out on the sites, our medical team performed a total of ninety-eight minor surgeries – primarily circumcisions and cyst removals. That’s an average of over sixteen surgeries every day! Glory to God!
Finally, as much medical and dental relief that we brought, so much more spiritual relief was poured out through salvations, prayer, and super-natural healings. God moved among our Team and those sites in a mighty way!
FYI: if you, as a Believer, need a little excitement in your walk, know that you have an open invitation to ARMS-2019. The dates are 08-19 April. LOL! Hope to see you there! All you first-timers… I will treat you like a freshman… and I will feast on your tears! LOL! (Relax. It’s a joke. We always have a great time. Keep in touch.)


Week #1 Team consisted of 102 missionaries from around the globe! We were united with the mind of Christ and a mission for Christ!


Week #2 consisted of 75 missionaries, but the workload did not decrease… it increased. LOL! Glory to God!


Worshiping as a Team is vital for our restoration. We start our days with devo and song, and finish our days with devo and song.


El Presidente (CinA) preaching the gospel!

NickGuerra_4-19-18_FBrother Keith telling ’em, “Sometimes my friend calls me and says, ‘I have some good news and some bad news.’ I tell my friend to give me the bad news first.” By the time Brother Keith has laid out the bad news, we’re all begging for the “good news”! LOL!

NickGuerra_4-19-18_GAfter sharing the gospel, Tammy led this class in the sinner’s prayer. Glory to God for the souls added to His Kingdom!

NickGuerra_4-19-18_H_pngChildren’s evangelism. Leading the young ones to the Lord.

NickGuerra_4-19-18_I_editThese three young men have received a calling to preach the gospel in Mindanao, a Muslim stronghold. Howard, Christian, and Thaddeus praying favor, power, and protection over them.

NickGuerra_4-19-18_JSandy and I literally conduct 4-6 outreaches every week. Why? Because the harvest is ripe with lost, hurting people, and because evil isn’t taking any time off, so we are compelled. As such, we do need some time off to be poured back into. The CinA missions conference is in September. Sandy and I attended the last conference and it was a time of great rest and restoration for us. The estimated cost for this trip is $7,500.00. This price includes plane tickets, car rental, hotels, food, and an additional week of travel in the US for “reporting and generating” continued support. Please help if you can. My humblest thanks.

In closing…
Thank you for your prayers. They are empowering, they make a difference, and they are coveted!
I declare that as a disciple, your soul is strengthened, and I encourage you to continue in the faith, and remind you that through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God! (Ac 14:22)
In His will,
Pastor Nick & Sandy Guerra

To support the Guerra’s ministry online click here –



“Lord, here am I. Send me.”

(Note from the CinA staff: This report is from Pastor Nick & Sandy Guerra while they are in the Philippines on the ARMS medical/dental mission.)

So week number one is just about completed! From the Holy Ghost fire in our Evangelism section we’ve seen an enormous amount of decisions for Christ. We’ve witnessed super-natural healings – recovery of sight, limbs restored, goiters dissolved, hearing returned.
This Team is the best team ever! (LOL) We have gelled and are working in Kingdom love and unity. Every year, it’s amazing to see ARMS workers come from around the globe and unite so quickly. We are family! And, you have an invite! (Join us next year???)
We also received a powerful, encouraging testimony from a pastor who had been blinded during a surgery, and he also said that he died and visited the pearly gates in a stunning way! He describes knowing immediately that he was created to live in this place for eternity in perfect love with the Lord! He also said that we he came back — because his wife prayed him back – that the first thing he asked his wife was, “Why did you bring me back?!!” LOL! He said the Lord gave him the message to tell all Believers to be encouraged, to press on, your labor is not vain, and that it will all be worth it. Praise God! Hallelujah! NickGuerra_4-06-18_A


3 of 7 missions complete! The numbers so far. (Check out our FB ARMS page.)






An accident lodged this wire in his hand for the last ten years. The patient tried to remove it several times on his own, but only ended up destroying the nerves in his fingers. He uses a bandanna to cover it, so it won’t snag. He can’t afford the necessary x-rays to fully determine removal. ARMS is working on assisting this man.


NickGuerra_4-06-18_C.pngThis man came into triage complaining only of blurred vision and aching neck. He was treated and asked if there’s anything else he needs assistance with. He basically said, “Oh yeah, there’s this,” and proceeded to show the bottom of his feet. Some sort of flesh eating bacteria has been active in his feet since ’90. It’s eaten into his bones, smelled of great rot, and the doctors said amputation only at this stage. The patient says that amputation is not an option.

NickGuerra_4-06-18_DSandy and I have chosen to give up our lives for Jesus’ sake and for the gospel. We are literally preaching/teaching 4-6 days every week because people are lost and hurting, and, besides, evil isn’t taking any time off. As such, we could use some time off to be poured back into. The triennial Christians In Action mission conference is this September. Sandy and I attended the last conference and it was a time of great rest and restoration for us. The estimated cost for this trip is $7,500.00. This price includes plane tickets, car rental, hotels, food, and an additional week of travel in the US for “reporting and generating” continued support. “Habu” is a snake indigenous to Okinawa, but in this instance H.A.B.U. means “Hook A Brother UP!” Lol! Thanks!

In closing…

Thank you for your prayers. They are empowering and they do make a difference.
Presently, we’re finishing up week #1 in the Philippines. So many souls — young and old — are hearing the gospel and responding with, “What must I do to be saved?” Please pray that the ARMS team finishes strong, as we have three more sites next week.
Lastly, we continue to need your help. We ask that you consider partnering with us through your financial gifts and offerings. Be confident that your support goes directly into Kingdom work and immediately bears Kingdom fruit!
I declare that your speech and your preaching is not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power! (1Cor 2:4)
In His power,
Pastor Nick & Sandy Guerra

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