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ARMS Philippines Medical/Dental Mission Outreach Photos

These photos from the 2018 ARMS Medical Mission Outreach are graciously provided by Mark Sherman.

“A picture says a thousand words,” and this sampling of moments vividly captures a beautiful people, deeply loved by God. It is the privilege of Christians in Action to sponsor Asian Relief Medical Services to provide holistic care, body and spirit, and to work in partnership with local national pastors. The teams typically provide triage, medical and dental work, pharmacy, prayer, and opportunities to hear about Jesus, the ultimate provider for all our needs. 

Here, you will see pictures of our 2018 team providing medical and dental care, and praying with the local people for their needs physical and spiritual. Our team saw and treated more than 4,700 people. More than 3,900 made decisions to put their faith in Jesus Christ.

Our Team:



Local pastor, Renee (L)


The People:



Medical Work:



Girl At Dentist






Please pray for the local pastors as they meet people who have made new connections with Jesus.



So, imagine you’re in combat and you hear the commander cry out, “Fix bayonets!” Right away, what do you know? Things are about to escalate, stuff is about to get real, and we’re gonna come face-to-face with our adversary.

Working off that concept, every week before we close an outreach, we get face-to-face and conduct some sparring. I give the command, “Fix bayonets,” chairs are adjusted, and now we’re sitting facing someone. We begin role-playing and one row are the Christians and the opposite row are the Critics. 1 Peter 3:15 says, “But sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence.”

Now that our group is “on guard,” I reveal a popular biblical or moral issue that Christians face today. Christianity 101 topics are, “I have my own beliefs, I don’t believe in God, I’m basically a good person, You can’t trust the bible, Jesus was not God, etc. Christianity 201 topics are abortion, homosexuality, racism, wealth, religions, politics, etc. Of course we alternate roles, partners, and topics throughout the jousting, but as a Critic, your assignment is to be difficult and demand an appropriate bible-based response and explanation from the Christian they face.

philippines pix

disciples are made!

In His grace,
Pastor Nick & Pastor Sandy Guerra

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First Batch of Graduates…

First Batch of Graduates…

We just graduated our very first batch of kindergarteners at our Pre-school at our Christians in Action church in Puerto Princesa Palawan in partnership with International Care Ministries (ICM).  ICM provided all classroom materials and equipment & our CinA church, International Christians in Action Palawan, partially covers the salary of the teacher and her aid. 

Palawan grads
Future leaders of Palawan.

In conjunction of our FREE pre-school for the ultra-poor is parenting seminar to which parents of our students attends once a week seminar of Christian Parenting. One byproduct of our preschool is a morning Bible study/Devotions of the parents. The parents just hang out at the site while waiting for their children so we started this morning ministry for the parents. Three are now active members of our church while others enjoy the truth of the Word of God. It gives them hope, encouragement and joy at times. 

Unfortunately we may be closing our pre-school as ICM is moving on to transformational ministry and will be cutting off the financial support toward the salary of the teacher and the aid. We are praying for someone who will cover this lost financial support of 7500 pesos, approximately $150 a month. Please join me in prayer.


Ed & Jo Duenas

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New Baby and a New Roof

New Baby and a New Roof

Written by: CinA Missionary Gustavo Gonzalez, Philippines

On December 25, what was supposed to be a happy and joyful Christmas Day, was a devastating day for a family in Ligao City. Maria was almost die to give birth and was taken to the hospital to have her second child. That same day typhoon Nina hit the Philippines island hard. There was no electricity in the whole city. Thank God for generators. By the grace of God Maria gave birth to you a beautiful baby boy and welcomed him into their family. But there was something her husband was not sharing with her. You see, the roof of their home was severely damaged and she could not go home with the baby.

Maria and her husband have been faithful Christians at Ligao Baptist Church, she prayed to the Lord, she said, “I’m your daughter, I have been faithful in my tithing”, Maria washes clothes for a living, making $10.00 a day, “please Lord help our family, help our situation with the roof.”

Maria’s home damaged by typhoon

Soon after she prayed our CinA missionary, Gustavo came and brought some relief of food to help the families affected by typhoon Nina. Maria’s Pastor Joel also visited her in the hospital and asked if they needed more that food and she told him about the roof. By the grace of God there was enough money to do both, food for Maria’s family and 25 additional families, and repair the roof.


Maria’s home with new roof.


A few days later Maria’s husband went to church and was approached by Pastor Joel and was given the news his roof would be repaired, he started to cry. Maria went home with her baby, to a safe and secure restored roof and praising God for his goodness and faithfulness. Glory to God!!

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The grace of God is bigger than my…

The grace of God is bigger than my…

2 Corinthians 12:9-10

Recently, my prayer time turned into a 40-hour unscheduled fast. During this time, God showed me me… versus His grace in my life. It was pretty intense and humbling as one-by-one my character flaws were brought to my attention. Yet as quickly as the Spirit of God showed me my shortfalls, I was immediately comforted with the greater reality that His grace was bigger than my failings. As my list grew, I wept, I was angry with myself, I was grateful, I was awestruck.

Permit me to be transparent. This is my list. You may identify with some, or you may have different issues. The point is you need to remind yourself constantly that “Nothing is bigger than the grace of God.”

Here goes: (Repeat this phrase as often as necessary and fill in the blank with your own words.)

“The grace of God is bigger than my _____________.”


Let me ask you something. Is anything bigger than God’s grace? Of course not. So, as we embark upon 2017, hope and potential is in the air. At this time, God is calling Believers to be Offensive, Advance, Reclaim, and Occupy. Before you engage with the calling of God, engage with His grace. Hebrews 12:1 admonishes us to “throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, so we can run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”
Recognize also that it’s not “Grace + _____” either! Because as soon as you add anything, 1) You’re required to do it, and 2) You will fail. Ephesians 2:8 says, “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith — and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.”
As you proceed in faith in His calling, understand this. Truly, truly, any place in our life where we are repeatedly failing, is proof positive that we have not appropriated His grace in that area. “The grace of God is bigger than _____!”

“Agree with us in prayer!”

  • Praying and Making Disciples at Zebulun!
  • For the Brig/Prison ministry. Remember to pray for the guards, the inmates, and their families. Bind up spirits of shame, condemnation, and pride. And loose a spirit of salvation, discipleship, forgiveness, exposure, healing, deliverance, peace, and restoration!
  • Against demonic attacks in the Brig, the Barracks, and in homes. Pray that Believers walk in increased discernment, wisdom, maturity, and power as we bind up the works of the enemy!
  • For continued increase at ZCDC (church plant). Pray for mature families and permanent personnel to co-labor with us in the northern, remote area of Nago/Camp Schwab.
  • For our Praise & Worship Team
  • For our current Schedule, i.e. finances, resources, wisdom, strategies, & strength:
    • Sun: Share/Report Christians In Action ministries
    • Mon: “Radical & Relevant Academy” (R&RA) @7pm
    • Wed: “Brig Christian Fellowship” (BCF) @7pm
    • Thu: Publish “Think On These Things” newsletters
    • Thu: Publish YouTube video (YouTube Channel: YahwehHasASon)
    • Fri: “Sxxual Integrity & Restoration” (SIR) @9am
    • Sat: “Zebulun Christian Discipleship Center” (ZCDC) @6pm

In closing…
Pray and believe! And, believe and pray! Your prayers do make a difference.
Sandy and I remain focused on the mission at-hand – “Gathering Sheep & Converting Goats,” and “Catch, Clean, & Release!” Our desire is to share God’s love, salvation, truth, and power with all. We also strive to make disciples quickly and release them into the fields.

Grace & peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ! (Eph 1:2)
In His grip,
Pastor Nick & Pastor Sandy Guerra

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Macau Day Care Christmas program

Macau Day Care Christmas program

We trust you are enjoying the Christmas season!
Thank you for your prayers last Saturday for the Day Care Christmas program. We had a wonderful time with the children and families. Bee Bee Wong did very well presenting the Gospel Magic. We believe hearts were touched in all that was shared, so bless you again for praying.
We long to see these children and families come to know the Lord. So again we ask for your on gong prayers for them and also for our staff as they take care of the children each day.
This coming Saturday, Christmas Eve, we will have our first service in the new facility. Do pray that many will come, be touched and feel God’s love that evening. Thank you so much.
In closing may we wish each one of you a wonderful and blessed Christmas, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus!
John & Suzanna
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Our newest Missionary, Gustavo Gonzalez gives thanks to God…


Thanksgiving is not a celebrated holiday in the Philippines, but this year 155 inmates in the Naga City Jail celebrated Thanksgiving with a tasty meal, listened to testimonies from fellow inmates and heard about our LORD Jesus Christ, about how He loves and shed His blood for them. Many were moved to tears and accepted Him as their Lord and Savior. Thank God for his goodness and to everyone in the US who generously gave for these men and women to hear about the love of Jesus.

It All Started in 1973

It All Started in 1973

SPOTLIGHT on MACAU, CHINA – by Tom Hodges.

Macau is a small peninsula off southern China and is the most densely populated area on hodges-hyronsearth with over 636,000 people crammed into only 12 square miles. You’ll find refugees and visitors from all over Asia. Thousands of gamblers also flock to Macau, since it’s the      ‘Las Vegas’ of the Far East with 33 casinos! The need for evangelism is greater now since godless communism rule began in 1999. Historically, the national religion is Buddhism and ancestor worship. Less than 1% know Christ. The authorities have extended religious liberty so far, probably because Macau is such an important gambling center. That could change overnight so that’s why missionaries, John and Susanna Hyrons have such an important task before them. After 14 years, we, Tom & Irene Hodges recently had some wonderful fellowship with them on their travels in the U.S.

Meet John and Suzanna Hyrons

Suzanna was one of my delightful missionary students in the ’70s while we were on the staff of the CinA European HQ in England. After graduating and raising her support, this picture was taken just before her flight to literally the other side of the world to minister to her own people in Macau. Several years later, she would marry John, joining his ministry. It’s hard to grasp she’s been on the field nearly 40 years.

The Hyron’s ministries

John had come to Macau in 1975 and lived next to the Macau prison. With some others, he began a prison ministry, then a ministry to care for neglected children of prisoners. This developed into a full-time children’s day care with wonderful opportunities to teach Christ.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

For over 20 years the Hyrons have dreamed of ministering to the poor, helpless, often disabled and depressed senior citizens of Macau. There are an estimated 44,000 seniors but only 1,300 beds available in elder care homes. Soon the Hyron’s dream of opening an elder care home is about to become a reality! The government of Macau promised to build and staff the building if the Hyrons’ could buy the land. PTL, the Lord made this possible by supplying the $4.5 million dollars needed, only a third of its true value if it had been sold to build a hotel! The 14 months of fund raising included a great opportunity on Macau TV. At left is Galloway House on the elder care property. It will house the church and also accommodate itinerant missionaries. The elder care center will be built across from this building. One more hurdle. The Macau government now requires them to raise a large ‘reserve fund’ for which we ask your prayers.

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“Apologize to Sandy”

Think On These Things – Engage Ministries

Recently, while conducting the Sxxual Integrity & Restoration (SIR) class, we were discussing the erosive consequences of premarital sxx. One prisoner flatly asked me, “Did you have premarital sxx?” Without hesitation, I said yes. I shared that, for the record, Sandy and I have always had an incredibly happy and great marriage, and, honestly speaking, I personally don’t know any couple who has it “going on” the way we do. I went on to explain that this October will be our thirty-year anniversary, however, right about the eighteen year mark, the Holy Spirit impressed something upon me. The conversation went something like:

Did you see what I was doing? Every one of my responses was a form of excusing, justifying, or rationalizing. I honestly wrestled with this for a few days. I knew premarital sxx was wrong and destructive. I even taught against it. But, I had yet to fully realize, on a personal level, “the death” in my case. As I continued to pray, I knew God was prodding me to apologize to Sandy. The conviction grew, my heart melted, and I genuinely wanted to apologize to Sandy.

God: Apologize to Sandy.unnamed

Me: For what?

God: For premarital sxx.

Me: Wait… what???

God: Apologize to Sandy.

Me: But God, You forgave me for that.

God: Apologize to Sandy.

Me: But God, that was a long time ago!

God: Apologize to Sandy.

Me: But God, we loved each other!

God: Apologize to Sandy.

Me: But God, we got married, so I made it right!

God: Apologize to Sandy.

Me: But God, it was consensual!

God: Apologize to Sandy.

Soon after, Sandy and I were alone in our house. She was sitting on the arm of the loveseat. Now bear in mind that I hadn’t planned any of this out, but before I knew it, I was on my knees in front of Sandy, telling her that I owed her an apology. She looked at me suspiciously and asked for what. My eyes welled with tears and I said, “For premarital sxx. I’m so sorry that I was sxxually aggressive, impatient, and ignorant, but at the time I didn’t understand your value, nor mine. I should’t have compromised your purity, but I just did not know. Please forgive me.” Now, Sandy was crying also. She was shaking and she looked down at me and said, “Nick, I did not think I needed to hear an apology from you about this, but I realize now that I did.” Then she said those three magic words, “I forgive you.”

Boom!!! Right there on the spot, something powerful and beautiful happened in our relationship. Our marriage went to a whole ‘nother level of intimacy! (I know because we spent the next few moments exploring this new closeness and healing. Hallelujah!) Sandy and I have always been close and we’ve experienced great lovemaking, but something happened when I apologized and she forgave me. I couldn’t explain it at the time, but later, God showed me very plainly what had happened.

The Lord said, “Nick, for eighteen years you’ve had this gross pattern of rationalization in your character. This flaw has also been in the foundation of your marriage. Your character is like a wall, full of weak and strong bricks. Each brick represents every decision you’ve made. That weak brick of compromise and rationalization has been in your wall all these years, but when you apologized to Sandy and she forgave you, healing occurred. That weak brick came out of your wall and was replaced with a strong, god-honoring brick.” I understood immediately that my wall had been edified, fortified, and strengthened. God then gently whispered to my spirit-man, “Nick, we need to fix this now. Because, if you will rationalize in an area as important as sxx, you will rationalize in other areas of your life.”

I began to see this destructive pattern in my life. Rationalizing did not foster trust in my relationship with Sandy. To the contrary, it had actually been fostering insecurities and mistrust. Because I would compromise, I could not be fully relied upon to hold fast to truth, obedience, or discipline. And, if Sandy couldn’t fully trust me, could God? Ouch!

I explained to the prisoners that in any given day, we make tens-of-thousands of decisions. And, it’s important to realize that every decision will either enhance or diminish our quality of life. For example, every morning you have to make a decision to get out of bed and go to school or work. You can decide to stay in bed, but chances are that will lead to trouble. Or, you can decide to get out of bed and go, and chances are this is beneficial to you.

I asked the men to imagine what their wall looked like, full of strong bricks and weak bricks. Now, here’s the million-dollar question, “When the storms, trials, and tribulations of life come — and they will come to test you — where will your wall fail?” Humbly they admitted, every weak spot or bad decision.

Just prior to this particular conversation with the prisoners, every one of them had said they wanted to have a great marriage and live “happily ever after.” However, now, each man realized they were unknowingly doing things that directly undermined and opposed this goal. It was very illuminating to the men. As a matter of fact, one guy (D) said, “Out of all the classes you’ve taught, the last ten minutes was the most profound for me. I finally understand. It all makes sense.”

In closing…

Pray in faith, continually! Your prayers avail much! Daily, kingdom increase happens as we exercise our “Gather Sheep & Convert Goats” strategy. Our “Catch & Release” tenet is next. We catch them, disciple them, equip them, then we release them into faith-filled works and their ministries. It’s quite effective and rewarding!

Please consider partnering with us through your faith-giving. With our multiple different outreaches every week, much Kingdom fruit is being harvested. Paul desired that through your giving, much fruit would abound to your account. (Php 4:17) Financial gifts and donations can be made online through Christians In Action. Or, you can mail contributions to the address listed below.

I declare that your speech and your preaching is not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power! (1 Cor 2:4)

In His power,

Pastor Nick & Pastor Sandy Guerra

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keep the prayer wheels going

We trust you are enjoying the New Year!

Thank you again for caring and praying for us and the work in Macau.

Our Christmas Program went over very well, with the skit and DVD. We were able to present the entire Gospel at that time and was so glad a number of our church family members came, along with other friends who were not saved. So thank you ever so much for your prayers that night!

This coming Saturday the 16th, we are having an early Chinese New Year Celebration for our Day Care families. We have invited a Chinese man, Eric Chang from Hong Kong to come over and do some Gospel Magic. Then we’ll have some food and refreshments. We long to see these families come to know the Lord. So would appreciate your prayers for hearts to be touched and ministered to and seeds sown at that time…thank you so much!

Hyrons_elderlyhomeWe are still waiting concerning the final sale of our church building, which we trust to have news before the end of the month. Also, we are continuing to wait for the Works department concerning the alignment plan for the elderly home project. We know it’s all in the Lord’s hands, but do keep the prayer wheels going and we’ll certainly keep you in formed.

We love and appreciate each one of you!

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