“Lord, here am I. Send me.”

(Note from the CinA staff: This report is from Pastor Nick & Sandy Guerra while they are in the Philippines on the ARMS medical/dental mission.)

So week number one is just about completed! From the Holy Ghost fire in our Evangelism section we’ve seen an enormous amount of decisions for Christ. We’ve witnessed super-natural healings – recovery of sight, limbs restored, goiters dissolved, hearing returned.
This Team is the best team ever! (LOL) We have gelled and are working in Kingdom love and unity. Every year, it’s amazing to see ARMS workers come from around the globe and unite so quickly. We are family! And, you have an invite! (Join us next year???)
We also received a powerful, encouraging testimony from a pastor who had been blinded during a surgery, and he also said that he died and visited the pearly gates in a stunning way! He describes knowing immediately that he was created to live in this place for eternity in perfect love with the Lord! He also said that we he came back — because his wife prayed him back – that the first thing he asked his wife was, “Why did you bring me back?!!” LOL! He said the Lord gave him the message to tell all Believers to be encouraged, to press on, your labor is not vain, and that it will all be worth it. Praise God! Hallelujah! NickGuerra_4-06-18_A


3 of 7 missions complete! The numbers so far. (Check out our FB ARMS page.)






An accident lodged this wire in his hand for the last ten years. The patient tried to remove it several times on his own, but only ended up destroying the nerves in his fingers. He uses a bandanna to cover it, so it won’t snag. He can’t afford the necessary x-rays to fully determine removal. ARMS is working on assisting this man.


NickGuerra_4-06-18_C.pngThis man came into triage complaining only of blurred vision and aching neck. He was treated and asked if there’s anything else he needs assistance with. He basically said, “Oh yeah, there’s this,” and proceeded to show the bottom of his feet. Some sort of flesh eating bacteria has been active in his feet since ’90. It’s eaten into his bones, smelled of great rot, and the doctors said amputation only at this stage. The patient says that amputation is not an option.

NickGuerra_4-06-18_DSandy and I have chosen to give up our lives for Jesus’ sake and for the gospel. We are literally preaching/teaching 4-6 days every week because people are lost and hurting, and, besides, evil isn’t taking any time off. As such, we could use some time off to be poured back into. The triennial Christians In Action mission conference is this September. Sandy and I attended the last conference and it was a time of great rest and restoration for us. The estimated cost for this trip is $7,500.00. This price includes plane tickets, car rental, hotels, food, and an additional week of travel in the US for “reporting and generating” continued support. “Habu” is a snake indigenous to Okinawa, but in this instance H.A.B.U. means “Hook A Brother UP!” Lol! Thanks!

In closing…

Thank you for your prayers. They are empowering and they do make a difference.
Presently, we’re finishing up week #1 in the Philippines. So many souls — young and old — are hearing the gospel and responding with, “What must I do to be saved?” Please pray that the ARMS team finishes strong, as we have three more sites next week.
Lastly, we continue to need your help. We ask that you consider partnering with us through your financial gifts and offerings. Be confident that your support goes directly into Kingdom work and immediately bears Kingdom fruit!
I declare that your speech and your preaching is not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power! (1Cor 2:4)
In His power,
Pastor Nick & Sandy Guerra

To support the Guerra’s ministry online click here – www.cinami.org/guerra


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