A note of thanks from the President of Christians in Action Ghana, Pastor Julius Nangai:

Dear Friends,

Good morning, I trust this letter will find you doing very great, I am writing you this letter to express our appreciation to you and your team for the help you gave in supporting us to get this new Bus.

We have no words to express our sincere gratitude to you, for the great relief to us, it’s with such a great pleasure, I am writing to you today.

Ghana kids loading new bus
Excited school children loading up in the new bus…

We had enough funds for the Bus, including registration and Insurance. There are still some work that has to be done, including new tires, absorbers, and also adding “Christians in Action” and the name of the school on the side of the bus.

On Monday, we would be having a P.T.A executive meeting, to discuss among other things, including how much a child taking the bus will pay, in order for us to have money to buy fuel, maintenance and repairs, as we move into the future.

I want to say once again, a big thank you and all that made it possible to get this bus, it is a true blessing. With much love, God bless you all.

Pastor Nangai


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