Presidents Blog – February 2017

Do you want to go on a short term mission trip where the experience lasts for months if not longer?  A mission trip were you experience visually and emotionally lives being transformed. 

You can be part of such an experience by going on a 2 week medical/dental mission trip with CinA called Asian Relief Medical Services (ARMS) to the Philippines each April. 


Each year CinA has a medical mission trip for one week to Latin America.  This trip is called LARMS, Latin America Relief Medical Services. In June of 2017 the trip is to Medellin, Colombia which is a beautiful city with spring time temperatures.  

In each of these medical/dental trips we need individuals who are ready and willing to work hard every day.  You will experience individuals being spiritually transformed as they pray to receive Jesus as their Savior and Lord.  In the prayer and healing room you may see individuals healed like in the New Testament times.  If you are working in the medical or dental rooms you will help individuals receive medical care that they have not been able to get before.

A mission trip is not a vacation it is an adventure were you and the individuals that come to be helped are transformed physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Join us today on one of these life changing medical/dental trips.

Contact Stephanie Anderton at, or call our office at (559) 370-4103.


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