From Oaxaca to Ensenada to Hermosillo

What are you thankful for?

oaxca-fall-2016Tony and Jim came back from Oaxaca with wonderful stories of our Indian churches up in the mountains. They are hard workers and faithful followers of our Lord. Besides teaching and preaching Tony and Jim had a wedding and a baptism. Our church continues to study the Omega church planting course and their goal is to continue reaching the surrounding villages with the Gospel. Our ladies are always making tortillas and preparing meals for special meetings.

November 14 Tony travels to Ensenada to help our churches prepare for the children’s Christmas outreach in December. God has provided donations that will help pastors in twelve locations buy gifts and food for their Christmas program. Visiting the surrounding homes in the communities with the Gospel is our main goal. We’re praying that many new people will come out for the program, celebrating Christ birth.

On November 16 Bro. Tony and Pastor Sammy will fly from Tijuana to Hermosillo. Then theyhermosillo-church will go with a team from the church there to Villa Hidalgo. We are so thankful for this church and their love for our people in Villa Hidalgo. They are planning a special program to honor Pastor Ramon Soqui who passed away this year. He was raised in this small village and he and Tony made many trips there to plant the seeds of the Gospel. A church in Alaska along with friends Dick and Judy Swanson donated money and time to build a church there.

To donate to the Christmas Program in Mexico –

Your missionaries,
Bro. Tony and Margaret Heredia

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