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It All Started in 1973

It All Started in 1973

SPOTLIGHT on MACAU, CHINA – by Tom Hodges.

Macau is a small peninsula off southern China and is the most densely populated area on hodges-hyronsearth with over 636,000 people crammed into only 12 square miles. You’ll find refugees and visitors from all over Asia. Thousands of gamblers also flock to Macau, since it’s the      ‘Las Vegas’ of the Far East with 33 casinos! The need for evangelism is greater now since godless communism rule began in 1999. Historically, the national religion is Buddhism and ancestor worship. Less than 1% know Christ. The authorities have extended religious liberty so far, probably because Macau is such an important gambling center. That could change overnight so that’s why missionaries, John and Susanna Hyrons have such an important task before them. After 14 years, we, Tom & Irene Hodges recently had some wonderful fellowship with them on their travels in the U.S.

Meet John and Suzanna Hyrons

Suzanna was one of my delightful missionary students in the ’70s while we were on the staff of the CinA European HQ in England. After graduating and raising her support, this picture was taken just before her flight to literally the other side of the world to minister to her own people in Macau. Several years later, she would marry John, joining his ministry. It’s hard to grasp she’s been on the field nearly 40 years.

The Hyron’s ministries

John had come to Macau in 1975 and lived next to the Macau prison. With some others, he began a prison ministry, then a ministry to care for neglected children of prisoners. This developed into a full-time children’s day care with wonderful opportunities to teach Christ.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

For over 20 years the Hyrons have dreamed of ministering to the poor, helpless, often disabled and depressed senior citizens of Macau. There are an estimated 44,000 seniors but only 1,300 beds available in elder care homes. Soon the Hyron’s dream of opening an elder care home is about to become a reality! The government of Macau promised to build and staff the building if the Hyrons’ could buy the land. PTL, the Lord made this possible by supplying the $4.5 million dollars needed, only a third of its true value if it had been sold to build a hotel! The 14 months of fund raising included a great opportunity on Macau TV. At left is Galloway House on the elder care property. It will house the church and also accommodate itinerant missionaries. The elder care center will be built across from this building. One more hurdle. The Macau government now requires them to raise a large ‘reserve fund’ for which we ask your prayers.

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Top student in the country was one of ours.

Top student in the country was one of ours.

It feels good to connect with you again, as we share what our Lord is doing in Freetown, Sierra Leone.  We hope you and your family are doing great by God’s grace.  You have been in our prayers, and we know you are praying for us too.The rainy season, which has brought us some relief from the heat and the dust is over, and the heat is back with a bang. Nonetheless we are hanging in there.

Soul Winning Seminar

Our churches have not held a Soul Winning Seminar for over a decade now, and we were so happy to be able to do so at this point in time.  A lot of our school and college church members were involved, as they were on school break.  Daphne and I traveled to one of the provincial towns to teach one of the classes.

Witnessing for Christ is one of two things Christians in Action is well known for in Sierra Leone, so it was a real joy to be able to revive this.  With the exception of the Kono church which rescheduled for January next year, we had a total of 942 souls who accepted Jesus Christ as their Personal Savior and Lord.  Reports and testimonies received, are very encouraging, there is an urgency and excitement on the part of some church members who have not evangelized in a long time, and have now made it a regular weekly activity.  There is also a corresponding increase in church growth.  These new converts will be discipled, and by God’s grace become remaining and reproducing fruit in the body of Christ.  We thank God for the great and amazing work He is doing in Sierra Leone!!

Christmas camp

December is the time of year when we organize Christmas camp for our children, during the Christmas break.  This year, we are planning for 300 kids, which will give them the opportunity to get to know kids from the other churches, make friends and enjoy a wonderful time together.  Please help us make this happen by giving financially and praying for everyone involved.

Mission schools

CinASL has five (5) schools in the country, and I spent some time visiting them.  The situation is dire as these school are facing a lot of challenges: – teachers are not adequately paid, because there are not enough kids enrolled in our schools, as parents can’t afford to send their kids to our schools.  These parents want the best of education for their offspring, but sadly cannot get it.  The Government run schools are overcrowded with some unqualified teachers, and not much learning. There is a need for school materials: – textbooks, notebooks, writing kits, etc., furniture, as desks and chairs are broken after years of much use. Since the post Ebola period, things have changed considerably for the worse, and the government subsidy on fees will end soon.


The story is not all a bleak one, as the majority of these kids are eager to learn and are appreciative of any knowledge that is imparted to them, even though their environment is not conducive to learning.  In the last year exam to enter middle school, the top student in the whole country was one of ours.

One or two schools are in need of an administrator to set things in order.  We also need professionals to help do refresher courses for our teachers.

 Please pray for: 

  • the momentum for evangelism that it will continue
  • the Christmas camp for kids & the organizers
  • our schools – more students to enroll, supplies needed
  • the cost of living in Sierra Leone; the government will soon be introducing austerity measures that will be harder on the average person, which will result in greater suffering

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Together with Him,
Issa & Daphne Kargbo

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In the waters of baptism

In the waters of baptism

Our dearly beloved in Christ,

Greetings in our precious savior’s matchless name!

We had a baptism service conducted last Saturday trusting in our Lord, where 3 boys from the Home, as well as a believer who worships the Lord with us here obeyed the Lord. It was indeed a blessed occasion as we could once again witness our Lord’s goodness and rejoice in the fact that the young boys as well as the adults could taste His love.  He was merciful to them that they were moved to obey His commandments in the waters of baptism. One of them was an elderly lady, who had first come to our Home to have her grandson dropped off to stay with us. We are glad that she is now a child of God who is very keen in growing in Him as well.

Although I was not particularly in good health (my back does gives me trouble at times), and it was not too comfortable having to stoop for the immersion, God gave me His grace to do the service for His name’s glory alone. We had the privilege of being graced by the presence of a few local Pastors as well, who prayed for them before they went into the water. It was conducted at our own baptism pool, which we were able to construct with the prayers and support of love received from many of our supporters like you – praise God.
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Please pray for  the boys who got baptized and the elderly lady so that they will live a life that brings glory to our Savior’s great name, and that they will be witnesses for His love.

God bless you!

Nothing Surprises God!

We live in amazingly turbulent days in 2016.  Who thought that a billionaire businessman would become the president of the U.S?   Apparently Americans wanted change in Washington D.C.  What changes will this bring to the U.S. political landscape in America and globally?  These are all questions that we will see developing in the months ahead.

The one thing I know is however the U.S. election came out God is in charge.  Nothing is a surprise to him as he has seen this political drama play out over centuries of time.  This gives me a sense of real peace and comfort.  It gives me a daily reminder to be the best I can be as a follower of Jesus Christ, whoever, is politically in charge.

Our task as followers of Jesus is to be a daily living light to those we engage with and those who watch how we live.  The Word of God says in Matthew 5:16; In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

This is God’s daily purpose for you.

fatw-main-artwork-transparentChristians in Action missionaries and national pastors and leaders are living out the great commission and great compassion of Christ every day in our countries of  ministry. If it is feeding 100’s of school children in the Philippines, developing a new school for children in Liberia, medical outreaches, drilling fresh water wells in Muslim villages in Sierra Leone, leading individuals to Jesus, planting churches in Latin America and many other ministries, their light is shining brightly for Jesus.

Come and join us in this great adventure for God.

Dr. Gordon Donoho
CinA CEO/President
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