Month: August 2016

Establishing A Transformed Generation

Greetings from rainy Freetown Freetown-Sierra Leone.

All the churches of Christians in Action Sierra Leone are operating under the theme of Establishing a Transformed Generation for Such a Time as This, as we go through a period of makeover for the entire ministry. It is our prayer that the Lord, through the power of the Holy Spirit will do something new in us, as we move forward.

The first Thursday of May has been instituted as a National Day of Prayer and fasting for the ministry of CinASL, it was a day of reflections, supplication and thanksgiving, and this will be observed on a yearly basis. On May 25th-29th, we held our Annual Conference meeting in Bo, the second largest city in Sierra Leone, which is about 150 miles from Freetown. Since the inception of our National Conference 31 years ago, this is the first time we have had it outside the capital, Freetown. We are so thankful to God for meeting our financial needs to make this meeting possible. It is so amazing what God can do when you completely put your trust in Him. The conference was well attended, as every church was fully represented. One of the highlights of the event was the witnessing outreach held in the community, with 60 people making a decision for Christ, and 10 of them joining us in the Thanksgiving Service on Sunday.

Let me take this opportunity to give thanks to the Lord for our students. Eleven of them graduated from our National Training School. It was a day of celebration as they shared how they benefited from the course. A new batch of 11 students have entered the training School, after the last graduation. This is how we build leaders through training, and we are so excited about what God is doing, as we prepare our future leaders.

July 1

The Lord will never cease to do amazing things – one of our church members from the Central Church bought 4 motor cycles for our pastors. God moved him to meet this urgent need, and he responded. What a surprise!  But that’s how God works, where you least expect is where the miracle will come from.  We have 6 bikes, 3 more to go!

Please pray for:

  • A speedy trial of our land case in the high court. As of now, the defense team is creating delaying tactics and no-show to bug down the process.
  • All students to complete the CPC course
  • Good health, favor, wisdom for me as I am faced with resistance and challenges from both within and without.

Thank you for partnering with us in the Lord’s work.

Together With Him,

Issa & Daphne Kargbo

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The Sacpulup church is a congregation in a Central America community with meager means, but it is rich in faith and works. Thanks to donors who sensed God’s nudge, we are purchasing materials this week for the insulation. Next, the ceramic flooring to complete this work in progress.

Thank you for your vital prayers and support.

Laboring together with you,
Miguel and Linda Toledo – Central America Area Director
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Churches ministering to Churches

Sonora update 1
Individuals from the church in Hermosillo are ministering in our church in Villa Hidalgo.
Every two weeks a team travels about four hours to be with the believers here. We’re so thankful for their dedication and love to build up this church. We’re praying that one day soon a full-time pastor will be called to come and live in this small town and minister to these who have given their hearts to the Lord and reach out to those who still need Him.

Sonora update 2

During the Children’s Day celebration, you can see it was . A sight that pleases the missionaries. Much sowing of God’s word has been planted here in years past and we’re seeing the fruit of our labor. God is so faithful to hear our prayers.



Please pray for the Heredia’s travels through the end of 2016

  • Colombia/Peru: End of July
  • Baja, MX:  September – We’ll have a construction trip to Col. Guerrero to add two Sunday school rooms plus a small kitchen. A team from Fresno will be traveling with Tony.
  • Oaxaca: October – Jim Marquardt, retired CinA missionary, will be with Tony to teach, preach and fellowship with our church in the mountains of Oaxaca.
  • Sonora and Baja: November – Bro Tony and Sammy Soqui will be traveling together to visit our church in Villa Hidalgo.  Bro. Tony will also be giving our churches in Baja money to be used to buy gifts for the Christmas outreach.
  • Christmas outreach in Baja: mid – December

Thank you for your prayers as we travel around the world to minister His word and encourage those who know the Lord to continue His work.

Your missionaries,

Bro. Tony and Margaret Heredia

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New building is almost ready

New building is almost ready

Destiny of Hope Orphanage – Destino de Esperanza

The new building is almost ready to move into!!!

Since April, we have had 3 groups of volunteers to come and help us with various projects.   What wonderful blessings they have been!
The babies are growing so fast I can hardly keep up.
Hello!  Tortilla makes a great phoneJosue’ is 28 months old now and talking in short sentences. He has a court hearing on the 12th of July and he really needs your prayers.  Please join us in asking the Lord to allow him to return to his birth mother, brothers, and sister.   His birth mom and siblings have been here to visit several times and Josue’ just loves them and vice versa.    Josue’ deserves to have his biological family, so PLEASE, pray that it will happen on the 12th.
 Playing in the pool, with same swimsuit Shanda wore 36 yrs. ago
Analisa is 17 months old and has developed into a little social butterfly.  Her darling antics capture the hearts of all who meet her   She repeats everything we say and do.  She, too, is starting to put words together, some in Spanish, some in English.  She is still not walking alone, so I took her to an orthopedic specialist that her psychologist recommended. He determined that she needs orthodics to give her more support and stability.  Please pray that this is the answer and that God will strengthen her legs and give her the confidence she  needs to walk without support.  She, has a court hearing on the 14th.  Since she has had absolutely no contact from any family members, we are hoping that the judge will free Analisa to be available for adoption.
 DavyDavy, almost 9 months, is still so cute and chubby, but the best part is that he is still so easy-going.  He can sit alone now, and loves to “talk” and squeal with delight.  He is just about crawling, so let the ” fun” begin!    Because his birth mom and family live so close, they come to visit him every week, sometimes more often.  But they are so poor that I highly doubt they will ever be able to adequately provide for him.  Davy  might be staying with us for a long time and we are plenty OK with that.
I can’t thank you enough for the many ways you’ve supported  this ministry.  May the Lord bless you and keep you.

Anita Byle—Founder, Destiny of Hope Children’s Home

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