Month: July 2016

the Car, the Hospitality, the Community

We received funding for a Motor bike for our village outreaches. Since Fallie is in our focus for now, we are working with our evangelism team, training and preparing them for the task ahead. We want to thank some of our special friends in Fresno for their financial support in meeting this need.

july 2016 bike

Fallie Village is a town that is about 20 Km always from Robertsport. Besides being a Muslim community, the people depend largely on agriculture for business and their livelihood. From the Cassava Farming, they get Gari and Foofoo which form part of the Liberian staple food.  We got connected to this town when our car power suddenly went off while we were on our way back to Robertsport from Monrovia.  We spent the night i on the request of the young men in that community who gave us one of their huts to stay in for the night.  With that gesture of hospitality from the young men, we quickly became friends.

On the following morning our vehicle was fixed and got on our way for Robertsport. On our arrival, Augusta and I took some time to ponder through the drama – the breakdown of our car, hospitality of the community and the hut we slept in; in it all, we could sense the Lord speaking to us about an outreach in that village. Visiting with the elders and leaders sometime later, it was confirmed to us that God was in it.  In that meeting, the community leaders expressed their openness to any religion that may wish to settle among them. They further promise to give us a place/land in their town for our ministry.

To reciprocate for their hospitality, we decided to celebrate the Christmas with them during which time we fed their children.  All the children gathered in the school building. Christian songs were raised and sung followed by prayer and sharing of the Gospel message by one of our elders who spoke their dialect. The entire program was a joyous moment where we had good fellowship and new friendships were established.

july 2016 2

We want to thank the Lord for the opportunity to reach out to the Fallie community. We plan to put the women into groups, provide at least one Gari-processing machine for their gari and foo-foo industry and request for farmland to grow cassava and other vegetables for demonstration farming.

May the Lord bless you.

Christian and Augusta Kallon, Missionaries in West Africa

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many wonderful provisions from above

many wonderful provisions from above

Praise the Lord! Elijah was a man just like us, but through his faith he was able to do many miraculous things. As we serve the same God he had put his trust in, we too receive many wonderful provisions from above, which may seem impossible to man. We have now completed the roofing project at the boys’ home and are happy to share a few pictures.

You can see me, Paul,  standing under the newly- built roof with Paneer, folding his hands, a bit shy. He is from Erodu, Tamil Nadu and had come to us four years ago from a hindu village.  His father is a poojari (the chief leader of worship at a Hindu temple). This is what he had said to a Pastor who is related to him – “take my son with you and bring him up in your way of life (Christian), never mind what I believe or am doing”. He knew the path of the Pastor was hopeful blessed. The boy is now born again and he wants to be baptized along with the other six grown-ups at the home.


Praise God for the provision of the roof – the purpose is achieved, as you can see the children have started hanging their washed cloths to dry. This other thought came to me as well – there will be thousands of liters of water coming down the roof when it rains, and rather than wasting it, it would be great if we could make a big water tank underneath the roof, where we can store the water. The construction is on its way. It is in fact half-way through and will be completed soon. This is with a two-fold purpose- it can be used as a Baptism pool, and for water storage during the dry season – letting you know for your kind prayer and consideration.

For the past many weeks, we had been experiencing the most darkest period in Marayoor due to power outage and other calamities due to heavy wind. Until now, there has not been much rain in our area but we are expecting it from next week. We experience power failure quite often and therefore we could do with a generator for the children to use as they have so much of home-work to be done. Mere candles will not be enough if the outages extend to more than a couple of hours.


There are other exciting stories of people who turned to Jesus. Please wait for the next time, be blessed. Thank you so much for the love and concern you have shown towards us and the Lord’s ministry we are entrusted with, especially with the roofing project. May God reward you richly for the partaking you had in this.

In His Harvest field,

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