Month: May 2016

I had the honor to preach God’s Word

I had the honor to preach God’s Word

Pastor Tony - BikeGreetings from Cartagena, Colombia.  Our CinA national pastors Sixto and Actris took us to the villages where they have started new churches.  I had the honor to give the dedication message of the Gospel in two areas. Motor bikes are used as taxis in the city and to go to villages. This was so much fun!

We went to four areas where our CinA Central church teams are working.  They share the Gospel by door to door evangelism, open air preaching, prayer walks, and home group meetings.

In the village called Boquilla (little mouth) they meet in wooden shacks around polluted waters infested with mosquitoes.  It was sad to see children and people living in these bad conditions. I’m standing on a small barge the locals use to cross onto the other side. At Villa Hermosa church I had the honor again to preach the Word of God. The response to the Alter calls for prayer and healing was awesome.

The purpose for this trip was to prepare these areas for Latin ARMS. This is a medical and dental event scheduled for this August. This outreach is headed by Ron and Virginia McCabe. Our pastors, ladies and church members are taking on responsibilities and logistics with a Cartagena friendly and serving spirit! This includes setting up the ministry sights such as church, school or clinic facilities adequate for this coming event with perhaps 40 volunteers. This will include, registration of patients, evangelism and children’s programs, seeing the doctors or nurses, and praying for healing, etc.

Pastor Sixto and his wife Actriz in the Central Church are already collecting food baskets for this event.

Pray that all things will work out for the good since we’re called to love and serve God and others. Ro. 8:28

Thank you for your prayers and financial support as we continue to serve the Lord.  God is faithful to supply all our needs.

Pastor Tony and Margaret Heredia


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Hodges Kuni 1Our February update carried an article about Roland Fumey’s Kuni translation in Papua New Guinea. This is an extremely difficult tonal language with something like seven different pitch levels plus semantic markers that change on various syllables to make the same word mean up to 13 different things! (Moe dogo can mean 16 different things!) Roland told me that without Speech Analyzer, translation would’ve therefore been impossible! Last month’s picture showed him recording some Kuni on the Speech Analyzer I was privileged to help develop for five years. (1998-2003). We are overjoyed to learn that after 25 years, the Kuni New Testament has finally been finished! Here are a few pictures from the dedication. Over 350 New Testaments, 280 audio Bibles, and 130 SD cards for smart phones were bought. (Their Kuni heritage is quite primitive but many are now technically up-to-date.) In addition, over 800 watched the Jesus film in Kuni! Not all these people were saved so PRAY! For those of you, new to our letter, I’m blessed to help give media trainees at JAARS their final exam dubbing a language (they do not know) onto the Jesus film. Most of you were praying for us during my work on Speech Analyzer so we are delighted to remind you that this dedication is also some of the long- term fruit of your prayers and dedication. We could not have done it without your prayers and support.

Tom and Irene Hodges – Bible Translation Tech Support

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depp wellYou know how it is after a big project is done.. time to tackle all the other stuff that waited for the  Big One to finish and seek an opportunity to rest shortly after that.  We took about a week at home to deal with urgent things in Bo before driving to Freetown.  We are still sorting through the details of having a well ministry here so we spent some time with Rev. Issa, the CinA National Superintendent, discussing that and other CinA issues. The truck underwent another mechanical ‘update’; we bought more equipment for our next well project (sponsored by a local missionary who lives in Baomahun, about two hours away); and we enjoyed resting and spending time with a missionary family of seven in Freetown.  We even made it to the beach for the first time in ‘forever’…well sort of. We sat close to it and relaxed but an incoming rainstorm cooled things off too much to go swimming…  North Americans might have enjoyed it but we Africans found it a wee bit chilly!

Next week we are hosting guests from Freetown- missionary friends the first half of the week, then Issa and Daphne Kargbo and one of the members of the Christians in Action SL Board who will be here for five days for the Annual General Meeting.  Please pray for delicate situations to be handled well and resolved and a spirit of unity and fellowship under the authority of Jesus Christ.  In preparation for these guests, God provided a bed for our office/guestroom.  It isn’t ‘compact’ but we quite like it’s unique style and feel much better about having people staying—especially as the rains sometimes are not stopped by our aluminum windows, creating large puddles INSIDE the rooms along the back of our house!

At the end of this month we plan to travel to Baomahun for the next well installation for a local school property.  We will be spending time with the missionaries there as well ~ Stephen and Laura Holt.  They have been working there for over four years.  Wells for schools have presented us with a problem in terms of volunteers to help with clarifying the well.  When that day comes we ideally need twenty men to form two teams, one to rest while the other is running.  Head count right now is five volunteers.  Being a mining community many want to be paid for missing a day at work.  That day might be the day they ‘hit it big’.  So pray that we get enough ‘hands’ to get the job done right.

Within a week of learning that we put a well in Wonah, FIVE more villages refiel maycontacted our Koidu pastor and begged for help with wells for their own villages….THESE PEOPLE DO NOT JUST NEED THE WATER, THEY NEED THE WORD.


  • Supporters who sent funds to help us do some major repairs on the truck in March.  May the LORD make His face to shine upon you and bless you.
  • For friends in Freetown who open their homes to us when we need to spend time in the capitol (hotels are expensive)
  • For mechanics in Bo and Freetown who get ‘er done so we can get on the road
  • For light again after two weeks without (a jeep hit the pole just before our house, snapping it in two. Pole won, jeep lost, two men in hospital)
  • For more missionary friends to fellowship with
  • For pastors’ interests in some of the ideas we have to help with agriculture and ministry in rural areas
  • For being able to help a former, trustworthy employee find employment
  • For an overnight visit from Steve and Sheila & Aaron and Min who made us a stopping place on their prayer journey in Sierra Leone a week ago.  Their love, encouragement, goodies and kimchi, as well as healing prayers really lifted our spirits

reifels It is getting to the time of year that we need to plan for our annual mission house
rental payment. This isn’t just our home, it is our office, storage for well drilling equipment, and a place to start our agricultural projects…in other words, ideally situated for the work that we are doing.   Please prayerfully consider if God would like you to help support our work in this way.

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Hope in Guatemala

Hope in Guatemala

I can’t begin to express my gratitude for my nephew, Darryl, and the awesome team he brought to  Guatemala.  In just over a week, they completed the security wall around the Christians in Action campus. Even though it was their first time laying cement block, you’d think a group of professionals built it.  Everyone is very pleased with the finished product.


PTL We got 'er done.

The team also brought many suitcases filled with toys, diapers, formula, clothes, etc. for the babies and even some things for me, including an Ipad !!!Jason & Analisa

I had no idea that my son, Jason, would be joining the team.  First time in the 4 1/2 yrs. I’ve been here that he was able to come to visit me. What a wonderful surprise and answer to prayer!!!  Analisa really enjoyed him too.

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit”  Romans 15:13


Serving Him with Hope in Guatemala,

Anita Byle—Founder, Destiny of Hope Children’s Home

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‘My Hope’

‘My Hope’

Greetings in the matchless name of our great Savior and Lord Jesus Christ! As one of the dear brethren shared recently, “Jesus wanted the servants at Canaa to obey His words – likewise, we are to await His instructions and to obey them without a second thought in order to receive His blessings. He uses those who are ignored and those who are not noticed by anybody ever, for the manifestation of His glory through them.” Praise God that He chose us as His vessels for the same purpose, to spread His love and the Good News, thereby manifesting His glory in and through us.

I am delighted to share a few lines on the recently concluded Vacation Bible School – 2016. Needless to say, it was indeed a great blessing to have conducted the VBS. Including the 150 children who attended, and the other helping hands we were blessed with, there were about two hundred altogether. The children thoroughly enjoyed the action songs and the Bible stories that were shared with them. I have to say I was rather concerned of the safety of the kids while they were being transported in and out. For sure, our father in Heaven took care of everything in an exemplary manner. We praise and thank God as the two days’ meeting went very well, and it turned out to be for the glory of God the father. The theme for this year was ‘My Hope’, and the children were given memory verses to by-heart and recite. We were able to provide them with good food, and they all enjoyed the tasty Biryani that was served. For those children who excelled at the different spiritual programs that were conducted, we gave away prizes in the form of stainless steel plates and glasses. At the end of the second day, everybody returned happily, with a thankful heart, in the hope that we shall meet each other again next year, God willing.

The highlight of this year’s VBS would be a teenager by the name of Va. He had come to visit me along with an old student of our institution. He had brought Va, who is his friend, when he came to see me, and Va wanted to leave in 15 minutes. God gave me the grace to make use of the opportunity to share the Gospel with him. Thank God for His wonderful provisions, and the miraculous ways in which He opens up doors for us to share the story of the rugged cross with many who are lost – Va accepted the Lord as I led him in prayer. He lives close by, so I am going to be seeing him again very soon.

God bless you abundantly in the days to come. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your love and support that you have extended to us in the past.

In Christ,