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Dear partners in missions,

This is the month when we think of valentine cards and valentine candy. Our thoughts then turn more intensely to the love of our sweethearts or families. I pray that I may come to know and feel more deeply the love of our Lord: to comprehend the width and length and the depth and height and as a result be filled with all the fullness of God. Further, that this overflow into a lost world will bring Glory to God as it brings lost souls to Him! (Ephesians 3)

Bible translator Roland Fumey finally arrived in PNG with four children after a 14-year delay and has been there since 1989. He is shown here on furlough in 2002 while I was helping to develop the Speech Analyzer (SA) you see on my desk. Roland is speaking Kuni-Boazi which is displayed on the computer. Yesterday, I learned he is still using SA to unravel the Kuni dialect! Most of you were our support base during the five years I was privileged to help develop SA before moving on to help develop two other Bible translation-related computer programs. So your prayers, 1998-2002, are still bearing fruit in Bible translation! (I LOVE to say that!) Kuni, is a tonal language which changes word meaning by subtle pitch inflections. The Kuni-Boazi had something around 10 different tone levels, as I recall, as well as 3 or 4 semantic indicators beyond that. The development of Speech Analyzer literally revolutionized translation of tonal languages, shaving years off the time for a translation. Here we see how the same word can have SEVEN different meanings depending on pitch inflections, or their sequence. Roland told me some words can have 16 different meanings and there are over 100 tonal sequences. Pray for Roland and many others who are using Speech Analyzer in Bible translation worldwide. Pray for Roland’s Kuni translation project. Also pray for my research project which could add a major enhancement to SA one day!

Don’t tell God how big your ‘storm’ is. Tell the storm how big your God is!

He is able to do exceeding, abundantly, above all we may ask or think! Eph. 3:20


Tom and Irene Hodges – Bible Translation Tech Support

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Central America – RECAPPING 2015

Years ago I began dreaming about babies. At first I even thought I was pregnant…but by now well beyond childbearing age. Still, I would dream I found a baby, or someone gave me a baby, etc. etc. Strange. But I came to realize that it’s significance had to do with NEW THINGS that God was going to do.   2015 was a year full of NEW experiences, and not just for me, or the Toledo’s. Hope you enjoy the recapping of what began last year…before we go unpacking 2016 in the days ahead.
With the paper work for Destiny of Hope orphanage fully approved, the Guatemala courts have awarded us two children. Analisa was brought to us at 17 days old, having been abandoned by her birth mother in the hospital. Joshua came to us three weeks later and was 11 months old. He was rescued from an illegal guardianship situation.

In February we did an evangelism seminar with David Holmbeck from Wisconsin, with YWAM. In March we had another shared experience with Paul and Donna Long in a three day seminar in Honduras. There were over 40 people who received the faith building teaching entitled, “God is in the Details”!

My friend and fellow missionary, Norma Hunt, embarked on a three month endeavor to open the path for Latin American Christians to enter Muslim countries in North Africa.  She was accompanied by a young Honduran woman with a call to this area. They worked in a village hospital in scorching temperatures in a culture so distinct from their own.  It is a criminal offense to talk about Jesus. Your service, love and living faith is your only witness to the people.

APRIL  6 –  JUNE  29  
Answering the “Macedonian Call” in ChalatenangoEl Salvador to come and teach lay Christians to effectively serve in the local church and community was a rewarding challenge. Miguel and I, pastor Carlos and pastor Amadeo Cruz and missionary Cony Quenun were the teachers rotating on a bi-weekly basis for three months. Classes were held Monday thru Friday from 6 -9 p.m. in 95+ degree weather.

Our son, David, was recently appointed as Christians in Action Youth coordinator for our 16 churches in Guatemala. His vision is to give training in the fulfillment of the Great Commission and attract the unsaved youth to Christ. He has also been doing online courses at Liberty University in Virginia. Not to mention a variety of activities and responsibilities with his gifts of music.

The first week of August it was our privilege to coordinate with our international leaders, Ron and Virginia McCabe of  Latin ARMS  (Latin America Relief and Medical Services), to reach out in three villages during four days of rural clinics. Over 1,400 patients were seen. Over 900 gave prayed to receive Jesus as Savior. Follow- up is being continued by the local pastors.
The training course in El Salvador: 10 students received certificates of participation/completion of the course. Now another group in the capital, San Salvador, are asking for the same course.

In September Linda spent some time with mom in California. Mom turns 82 in December. In October
A third baby less than two weeks old was awarded by the courts to our Destiny of  Hope Orphanage. In November Miguel, David and I attended of our bi-annual Christians in Action conference was again held in Fresno, CA. The fellowship with fellow front liners was great. And the sessions of guest speakers have impacted our lives forever.


Miguel & Linda Toledo

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“Apologize to Sandy”

Think On These Things – Engage Ministries

Recently, while conducting the Sxxual Integrity & Restoration (SIR) class, we were discussing the erosive consequences of premarital sxx. One prisoner flatly asked me, “Did you have premarital sxx?” Without hesitation, I said yes. I shared that, for the record, Sandy and I have always had an incredibly happy and great marriage, and, honestly speaking, I personally don’t know any couple who has it “going on” the way we do. I went on to explain that this October will be our thirty-year anniversary, however, right about the eighteen year mark, the Holy Spirit impressed something upon me. The conversation went something like:

Did you see what I was doing? Every one of my responses was a form of excusing, justifying, or rationalizing. I honestly wrestled with this for a few days. I knew premarital sxx was wrong and destructive. I even taught against it. But, I had yet to fully realize, on a personal level, “the death” in my case. As I continued to pray, I knew God was prodding me to apologize to Sandy. The conviction grew, my heart melted, and I genuinely wanted to apologize to Sandy.

God: Apologize to Sandy.unnamed

Me: For what?

God: For premarital sxx.

Me: Wait… what???

God: Apologize to Sandy.

Me: But God, You forgave me for that.

God: Apologize to Sandy.

Me: But God, that was a long time ago!

God: Apologize to Sandy.

Me: But God, we loved each other!

God: Apologize to Sandy.

Me: But God, we got married, so I made it right!

God: Apologize to Sandy.

Me: But God, it was consensual!

God: Apologize to Sandy.

Soon after, Sandy and I were alone in our house. She was sitting on the arm of the loveseat. Now bear in mind that I hadn’t planned any of this out, but before I knew it, I was on my knees in front of Sandy, telling her that I owed her an apology. She looked at me suspiciously and asked for what. My eyes welled with tears and I said, “For premarital sxx. I’m so sorry that I was sxxually aggressive, impatient, and ignorant, but at the time I didn’t understand your value, nor mine. I should’t have compromised your purity, but I just did not know. Please forgive me.” Now, Sandy was crying also. She was shaking and she looked down at me and said, “Nick, I did not think I needed to hear an apology from you about this, but I realize now that I did.” Then she said those three magic words, “I forgive you.”

Boom!!! Right there on the spot, something powerful and beautiful happened in our relationship. Our marriage went to a whole ‘nother level of intimacy! (I know because we spent the next few moments exploring this new closeness and healing. Hallelujah!) Sandy and I have always been close and we’ve experienced great lovemaking, but something happened when I apologized and she forgave me. I couldn’t explain it at the time, but later, God showed me very plainly what had happened.

The Lord said, “Nick, for eighteen years you’ve had this gross pattern of rationalization in your character. This flaw has also been in the foundation of your marriage. Your character is like a wall, full of weak and strong bricks. Each brick represents every decision you’ve made. That weak brick of compromise and rationalization has been in your wall all these years, but when you apologized to Sandy and she forgave you, healing occurred. That weak brick came out of your wall and was replaced with a strong, god-honoring brick.” I understood immediately that my wall had been edified, fortified, and strengthened. God then gently whispered to my spirit-man, “Nick, we need to fix this now. Because, if you will rationalize in an area as important as sxx, you will rationalize in other areas of your life.”

I began to see this destructive pattern in my life. Rationalizing did not foster trust in my relationship with Sandy. To the contrary, it had actually been fostering insecurities and mistrust. Because I would compromise, I could not be fully relied upon to hold fast to truth, obedience, or discipline. And, if Sandy couldn’t fully trust me, could God? Ouch!

I explained to the prisoners that in any given day, we make tens-of-thousands of decisions. And, it’s important to realize that every decision will either enhance or diminish our quality of life. For example, every morning you have to make a decision to get out of bed and go to school or work. You can decide to stay in bed, but chances are that will lead to trouble. Or, you can decide to get out of bed and go, and chances are this is beneficial to you.

I asked the men to imagine what their wall looked like, full of strong bricks and weak bricks. Now, here’s the million-dollar question, “When the storms, trials, and tribulations of life come — and they will come to test you — where will your wall fail?” Humbly they admitted, every weak spot or bad decision.

Just prior to this particular conversation with the prisoners, every one of them had said they wanted to have a great marriage and live “happily ever after.” However, now, each man realized they were unknowingly doing things that directly undermined and opposed this goal. It was very illuminating to the men. As a matter of fact, one guy (D) said, “Out of all the classes you’ve taught, the last ten minutes was the most profound for me. I finally understand. It all makes sense.”

In closing…

Pray in faith, continually! Your prayers avail much! Daily, kingdom increase happens as we exercise our “Gather Sheep & Convert Goats” strategy. Our “Catch & Release” tenet is next. We catch them, disciple them, equip them, then we release them into faith-filled works and their ministries. It’s quite effective and rewarding!

Please consider partnering with us through your faith-giving. With our multiple different outreaches every week, much Kingdom fruit is being harvested. Paul desired that through your giving, much fruit would abound to your account. (Php 4:17) Financial gifts and donations can be made online through Christians In Action. Or, you can mail contributions to the address listed below.

I declare that your speech and your preaching is not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power! (1 Cor 2:4)

In His power,

Pastor Nick & Pastor Sandy Guerra

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