thankful for the Lord’s faithful provision

thankful for the Lord’s faithful provision

I am so thankful for the Lord’s faithful provision.  Just today one of our Guatemalan board members unexpectedly came with his American boss for a visit to Destiny of Hope.  He gave us a donation and it was exactly the amount we needed to pay our Nannies wages this month.   Some of you have been faithful to give to our ministry as well, and I am so grateful.

Josue’ is 22  months old and has been busy learning new words and  skills. Paula Holmbeck and her girls sold a litter of kittens and sent the money so Josue’ could have a  motorcycle that he can ride.  One of my missionary friends is a powerful prayer warrior and intercessor.  She prayed over Josue’ and the difference in his attitude is amazing!  Please pray that he’ll continue learning to receive the love of Jesus into his heart.  She also prayed over me and I have more freedom and joy in Jesus.  I  have less pain in my body as the Lord continues to heal me from the effects of Chikugunya.
Analisa is 10 months old and “running” all over in her walker and she loves the Johnny Jump Up that the Holmbecks also donated.  She has been battling a bad cold, cough, strep throat, and a urinary tract infection, but is doing better now.  She just loves Josue’ and they are becoming good friends.  Not a single member of her birth family showed up at her last court hearing.  Please pray that Analisa will become available for adoption very soon.
Davy is almost 2 months old and is growing amazingly fast!  He is still such a good baby and finally gave his first real smile.  His birth mom and grandmother are faithful to visit him regularly.  At his court hearing the judge needed to cancel our meeting and it could not be rescheduled until April.
A friend of mine treated me and 2 other missionaries to 3 days of rest and relaxation at a resort near the Pacific Ocean.  While there, we experienced a 5.7 earthquake. The epicenter was even closer to home. Thank God no damage at our campus.
I finally found a vehicle big enough to transport my “family” and then some.  It’s a 2001 Mitsubishi Montero in excellent condition and low miles.  My mechanic has known the former owner his whole life and has been maintaining for the last 10 yrs. and so he knows this car very well. He was able to lower the price and recommended I buy it. When we went to exchange the title, I was surprised to see them using a regular typewriter instead of a computer.  We encountered the same at the lawyers office.
Every afternoon at 5:00 pm a herd of cows adds to the already crowded main street of San Jose’ nearby my house. 008
Thanks so much for your love and support!
Anita—Founder Destiny of Hope children’s home
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