Almost every time we’re in Oaxaca…

Missionaries: Tony & Margaret Heredia

First of all we want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.  Our first Thanksgiving together was in Cartagena, Colombia in 1973.  We had pumpkin pie made from starch, cooking a large squash, none of that canned pumpkin. Our Colombian friends didn’t seem to care for it but we loved it.pic 1

Celebrating our churches 40th year was a special blessing.  Tony’s first missionary partner Saturnino was able to come from Mexico and was honored by the church. This was his first time back to Cartagena in over 30 years.  Tony and Satu had some special times of prayer together. The church was packed!


Almost every time we’re in Oaxaca there is a wedding or a baptism or child dedication.  That shows there’s growth in the church.  Bobbie was not feeling well most of the time in San Pedro and Bill, her husband, thought he was going to have to take her down the mountain but the ladies of the church came and prayed for her. God answered their prayers; she started feeling better and was able to participate in the services praising God for His faithfulness.

The Omega Church Planting class was well attended by those who have a heart and passion to plant new churches up on their mountain top. We were able to take them another laptop computer. The Oaxacan brothers are eager to learn and are actively bringing Christ to the villages.

We’re  working on getting our mobile home ready for us to live in. It was in pretty bad condition but we’re happy to report that a friend from a local church is repairing the drywall and will also apply texturing. This phase is almost done.  Another brother in the Lord has a cabinet shop and has offered to make us the lower cabinets to match the upper ones. We’re still in need of money to buy flooring ($600) plus sinks and counter tops, stove etc. (about $1500).  We know God will supply as He has for the past 46 years.

If you would like to give towards this project please send it to our mission or send directly to us. We’ll appreciate your part in helping us to move in by December 15th. We would like to spend Christmas in our new place.

Your missionaries,

Tony & Margaret Heredia

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