Greetings from Freetown, Sierra Leone

Missionaries: Issa & Daphne Kargbo

Dear Praying Friends,

We bring you greetings from Freetown, Sierra Leone, in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Time flies so fast, and it is almost a year ago last December, when we left the United States to return to Sierra Leone as missionaries, in obedience to the Lord’s call on our lives. There have been a lot of challenges and adjustments during this time, but as we reflect back, it is amazing to see God’s hand at work – His peace, sustaining grace and encouragement, to see us through on a daily basis.  To Him be the glory!

Soul Winning Seminar — In August, Pastors Sadrie Turay and Daniel Bona, traveled to Makeni, one of the big towns in the north, and about 2 hours drive from Freetown, to conduct a week long Soul Winning Seminar.  This was the first seminar to be held in the Makeni church, which is located in a Muslim dominated community.  We are happy to report that 117 people made a decision to follow Christ that week.  What a thrill for the 16 people who went out witnessing, and had this wonderful experience!  It gave them a feeling of confidence, and broke the fear factor of sharing Christ.

The church in Makeni
The church in Makeni

National Training School — It is a good feeling when your dream/vision becomes a reality. My heart is full of joy to share that on September 19th, we re-launched the first phase of our National Training School course – The Christian Principles course. The need to train our people is of paramount importance, especially those aspiring to leadership in the future, and sadly, this has not been done in a long while.  Twenty-six people registered for this class, which was beyond what we had hoped and prayed for. This led to 2 sessions: one on Saturday morning & the other in the evening, to accommodate everyone. PTL!

 Students & teacher
Students & teacher

Ebola-free — By the time you read this letter, Sierra Leone will have been declared Ebola-free by the World Health Organization.  Alleluia!! Praise the Lord!! J  The President made an announcement today, Nov. 6th, at the end of the 42 days countdown, that no new case has been reported; therefore the country is free from Ebola. Celebrations, including a candlelight march to the center of town, which is now going on even as I write, with lots of people joining in. The toll from this disease has been very heavy, resulting in about 4,000 deaths, and it has seriously affected the economic development of the country, which had been on the increase after the civil war.  This has had a negative impact on our churches as well.

Candle light celebration in Freetown
Candle light celebration in Freetown

Victims of the September flooding in Freetown, are still occupying the national stadium in Freetown, as the government works to relocate them. Some have gone back to their houses, and have resumed their normal lives.

Prayer Points:

Please pray for:

  • Teachers and students in our primary schools, and also those in the Training School to be focused
  • Pastors and Elders in our churches for a spirit of discernment, and unity to work together.
  • New converts in Makeni to grow in their faith
  • Post Ebola period for the economy to start growing again, and God’s provision for the churches as people go back to work, and new jobs are created.

Thank you for your prayers and support

Together With Him;

Issa & Daphne Kargbo

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