Pray for David

Pray for David

November 5th 2015

Yesterday was a long day of traveling with my folks but thankful that we arrived in California without any complications. We will be in a missions conference in Fresno all of next week for Christians in Action Biennial Conference and I will have the privilege next Thursday of playing at the missions banquet. On November 13th we will be heading to Seattle, Washington to spend some time with my sister and her family. I am very excited as I will be meeting my second (5 months old) niece for the first.
Have you ever had an overload of stress trying to handle way too many activities in one week? Well that happened to me last week but the Lord is good and many of the projects were done in time. Expect some worship videos to be coming out soon! I will share them here but they will be on Facebook and YouTube and I pray they may be a blessing and an inspiration.
Please keep us in Your prayers as we continue to travel in the states these next few weeks and that God may be glorified through everything we do. Blessings to You.

David_NovemberSpanglish Cover Song on YouTube
Coming out this Sunday evening. We will be spreading the link via the website and all social media, help us by sharing it too!

With an excellent and very talented video crew we did a video recording for one of the songs from the EP. The session was recorded at the historical train station in downtown Guatemala City. It was an amazing place. Can’t wait for this video to come out….

NEW Extended EP album version coming out soon! This version will include a new cd album cover design and two extras, including one song in English.

David Toledo


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