News from the Northwest – November

Dear Ministry Partners,
Last month, Bill, the leader of the Messianic Bible study we attend, invited us to a Yom Kippur service that was being conducted by his rabbi friend. Although Rabbi Z. has heard the gospel from Bill and his wife, he has resisted accepting Jesus. This is the same rabbi who gave me a “Tallit bag” to carry my prayer shawl in.

At the service, I noticed Bill was not wearing his prayer shawl, even though he made a point of telling me to bring mine. It’s required it in order to make “Alliyah” (that’s the prayers said as the Torah is being read). I was called to pray for the Middle East and for the peace of Jerusalem.

The rabbi had told Bill not to wear his prayer shawl because he is a believer in Jesus. That’s also why Rabbi Z. didn’t call him up to do any prayers. However, he didn’t object to my wearing the tallit or coming up to pray, though he knew that I’m a believer also. The reason, Bill said, is because I am older than the rabbi, and the Torah teaches we should respect our elders.

The rabbi has moved to Las Vegas and has placed his group into the hands of Bill and a rabbi who is a Messianic Jew. However, the rabbi has told them they cannot bring others from our Messianic bible study into this group. “I don’t want you trying to convert my group.” Of course there is plenty of material from the Old Testament that points to Jesus. Despite the rabbi’s ruling, Bill has asked me to be a part of the leadership, knowing that the rabbi wouldn’t voice any objections due to my age. At the Bible study, I’ve been leading prayers in Hebrew. Amazing how it’s all coming back–I haven’t spoken any Hebrew since high school. The study each week is staying consistently with its objectives: to show Yeshua (Jesus) from the Old Testament.

This coming January, Mission Connexion’s will be having its annual major event. We plan to be there at the CinA booth, along with Gordon Donoho, president of CinA, who is making plans to come up from California for the event and bringing an HQ staff member with him. There will be four plenary sessions, one hundred workshops, and seventy ministry booths. Attendance has been running at about 10,000 the past few years, and this is a tremendous opportunity for recruiting.

The work of Mission Connexion is to bring together those that want to serve and the ministries that need them. It’s like a job fair for Christians. Pray for good weather and good responses. In the one of the most unchurched cities of the U.S.–right here in Portland–God has raised up an organization to help Christians get more involved in missions around the world. We are privileged to be a part of that, thanks to God and your participation with us.

Portland has recently declared a state of emergency in regard to the homeless, which will enable more funds for the city to help them. Not only are they local people, but others from far away, even Florida, hear how well the homeless are treated here and assume there will be enough services for them. This only adds to the problem.

On holidays most of the services to the homeless except overnight stays are closed. Meals are limited. We would like to have a New Year’s Day outreach, sharing the Gospel and upgrading from snacks to a meal in a brown bag, as the Lord provides.

Leonard & Joy Rosenfeld


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