Destiny of Hope “Birth Announcement”

Destiny of Hope “Birth Announcement”

We have been blessed with the arrival of another brand new baby boy.  He is 2 weeks old and was born on Jason’s Birthday!  His birth mother named him Mauricio David.  He weighs 4 1/2 lbs. and is doing well. A friend of ours who has a 3 month old has an excess of breast milk.  She pumped out 7 bags full and promised to bring more every week.  Now Mauri won’t have the digestive issues Analisa has had to deal with.   Both of the other babies just love him already.

Analisa now has 2 bottom teeth.  At 9 months of age, she surprised us by throwing her very first temper tantrum.  Hopefully, she won’t follow Josue’ s example and make it a habit.  Speaking of Josue’, he is doing so much better in that area.  His latest form of rebellion has been to refuse to eat.  But that ‘s ok.  He gets hungry eventually and will finally eat what we had first offered to him.  He loves to give us kisses and big hugs.  He is crazy about motorcycles, but the Barbie motorcycle someone gave him just doesn’t cut it.  Anyone want to help us buy him a motorcycle or tricycle that he can actually ride?  Toys are horrendously expensive here.
Please pray that I will find a suitable vehicle to replace the small pick up I have now.  There just isn’t enough room for our growing family.
Thanks so much for your love and support!
Anita—Founder Destiny of Hope children’s home

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