Month: November 2015

26 Days and counting….

Yes, twenty five days since we have had any new cases of Ebola in Sierra Leone! Our faces aren’t ‘purple’ from holding our breath yet but maybe they should be.  We are so ready for this to be over! We are certainly grateful for being this far along without any!  

The last CDC team members assigned to Bo arrived this week and are packing up their bags and freezers here. While some are packing, others are catching bats for research (now there’s an interesting job assignment we’re not cut out for…!). We will miss the times we were able to spend with them. They have worked so hard, working twelve hour days, seven days a week for three weeks or more straight! We are glad for them as they get to return to their families, and for Sierra Leone as it seems that Ebola is almost through here.

September for us has involved reports, finances and the annual renewal of important documents that allow us to work here along with getting the last items for digging wells and our rental arrangement.  We are also reviewing our notes for a Leadership Training program coming up in the last weekend of October for the Emmanuel CinA Church here in Bo. We are expecting fifteen to twenty people from the congregation to attend our classes to learn more about godly leadership.  There are some serious issues that will be dealt with so please be in prayer for the outcome of this training.


Jiya, Joseph, Idrissa. KH site3Our missionary friend, Kayla, who is a nurse/midwife working in Bo, scheduled for a well to be drilled by one of the Willamette (mission) well drilling teams already up and running full time, so we had three of our new crew – Idrissa, Jiyah and Joseph, working with them to get more experience. It was a good experience, though not a fun one, because they ran into ROCK.  Apparently a massive one, about 36 feet below the surface. Granite rock– which made more of an impact on ‘the beast’ – ‘hammer’ than the hammer did on the granite!!  Wow!  So, learning the process and enduring the strain of digging of six or so holes in order to get one good well was a good learning experience, albeit frustrating for them.


Thirty more citrus trees have been planted at the JCC  farm. We have more trees that need to be planted (including an avocado that sprung up 18” during our absence!) but need to wait on decisions made at JCC to know if we should plant there or elsewhere. Their lime trees are producing really well and they have sent out over 400 limes to the school in the last two weeks.

Sunday School is back! Three new teaching volunteers have stepped up and the program is resuming.  I know we had AT LEAST 90 some children in that one room school last Sunday!  Next month we will be bringing in another missionary friend from Freetown, Jayne Smyth, who will spend a couple days training local church leadership how to teach Sunday School.  I am looking forward to that myself!  There is always more to learn!

Health: We  would appreciate continued prayer for Elmer’s lingering health issues resulting from the concussion, and for his allergies to not interfere with the work as much as they do.  It’s very frustrating for him/us.  Most days he is fine, but they are unpredictable.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian family and friends!  

Thanking God for the life,

Blessings to you…  

Elmer & Joann Reifel

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“America is good!”

With the onset of Thanksgiving, I wanted to warn and prepare you for the onslaught of America-bashing, criticism, and lies. The boorish and narrow-minded Facebook memes and social posts regarding the shaming America are coming again. Increasing in volume and hostility, I hear the thoughtless indictments and ungodly accusations from progressives. “America is evil! America is racist! America stole the land from the Indians! America was built on the backs of slaves! America is guilty of raping nations of their resources and wealth!”

For the record, these claims are godless! These charges are Liberal/Progressive lies, and their ideology would have you ashamed, apologetic, and embarrassed of America. Before you criticize America, you better know two things — 1) Real American history, and 2) The Word of God. Not biased, close-minded rhetoric rooted in a warped understanding of freedom. “Freedom” is NOT the ability to do whatever you want, whenever you want. True freedom is the ability to do what is right. To the contrary, this progressive hogwash fosters an unfounded, illogical hatred for America and breeds the “victim mentality.”

Below is one of a few anti-America pictures that have been floating around our schools, college classrooms and campuses, the internet, and Facebook. Our children are being immersed and indoctrinated in this sewage. These extreme, leftist claims harbor gross levels of ignorance and close-mindedness, but what’s worse is the inability of conservatives and Christians to dispel these charges. Simply put, these lies are destroying the minds and dreams of our children and our people, and they must be addressed and squelched.Rushmore
History + God’s Word = Truth   History – God’s Word = Lies

Foundation-ally, American history cannot be fully taught or fully understood without acknowledging God’s involvement and intent for this country. God had His eye on America for a unique, special mission. There are liberties and ideas that America brought to the planet which no other nation can claim or compare.  America is exceptional and America is good, simply because of the hand of God and the grace of God! America needs our help. Pray and declare, “God bless America!”
In closing…
Beloved, thank you for your prayers. They are powerful, they avail much, and we continue to covet them! Every week, we confront, challenge, provoke, equip, engage, and empower! We make Disciples!

We oversee 4-6 outreaches every week and they are bearing much Kingdom fruit! Please consider partnering with us through your financial gifts and donations.

I declare that whenever you speak, words are given to you to fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel! (Eph 6:19)
In His will,

Pastor Nick & Pastor Sandy Guerra

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Almost every time we’re in Oaxaca…

Missionaries: Tony & Margaret Heredia

First of all we want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.  Our first Thanksgiving together was in Cartagena, Colombia in 1973.  We had pumpkin pie made from starch, cooking a large squash, none of that canned pumpkin. Our Colombian friends didn’t seem to care for it but we loved it.pic 1

Celebrating our churches 40th year was a special blessing.  Tony’s first missionary partner Saturnino was able to come from Mexico and was honored by the church. This was his first time back to Cartagena in over 30 years.  Tony and Satu had some special times of prayer together. The church was packed!


Almost every time we’re in Oaxaca there is a wedding or a baptism or child dedication.  That shows there’s growth in the church.  Bobbie was not feeling well most of the time in San Pedro and Bill, her husband, thought he was going to have to take her down the mountain but the ladies of the church came and prayed for her. God answered their prayers; she started feeling better and was able to participate in the services praising God for His faithfulness.

The Omega Church Planting class was well attended by those who have a heart and passion to plant new churches up on their mountain top. We were able to take them another laptop computer. The Oaxacan brothers are eager to learn and are actively bringing Christ to the villages.

We’re  working on getting our mobile home ready for us to live in. It was in pretty bad condition but we’re happy to report that a friend from a local church is repairing the drywall and will also apply texturing. This phase is almost done.  Another brother in the Lord has a cabinet shop and has offered to make us the lower cabinets to match the upper ones. We’re still in need of money to buy flooring ($600) plus sinks and counter tops, stove etc. (about $1500).  We know God will supply as He has for the past 46 years.

If you would like to give towards this project please send it to our mission or send directly to us. We’ll appreciate your part in helping us to move in by December 15th. We would like to spend Christmas in our new place.

Your missionaries,

Tony & Margaret Heredia

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Lost in Thailand

Lost in Thailand

Missionaries: Korn & Enao See

Dear Friends in Christ!

Thank you for your support and prayers for the Gospel outreach to the Lost in Thailand. Your faithfulness may glorify God daily. Act 20:35, In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Without support from great faithful people I can’t reach out to the lost in Thailand. Your support has made a lot of difference in many people’s life. I am glad to be here to spread the Gospel because without hearing the message it is hard for people to believe in order to be saved.

Right now my family and I are in Chiang Mai, it has been our third week in Bangkok. I am with Lahu organization in Chiang Mai. I’m trying to work with the organization little by little. My family and I are trying to get 1-4 years VISA with the Thai Government in order to stay here for a certain amount of years. But we don’t know what we will get. In Thailand the weather is cold right now but we are enjoying it.  We went to preach to the Village so they are able to hear the word of God. When people hear about the salvation and the love of Christ that he has to offer to people, they love it, they want to hear it continuously.

Your generous gifts and prayers enable us to share the Good News of Jesus with the lost in scattered in North Thailand. Please consider in how you can help us to continue to take God’s message of hope and healing to everyone in Thailand. Your partnership in his ministry can truly make a difference.

Korn Nov 2015

Korn 4 Nov 2015We had Bible study at Pastor Ai lon house every morning and evening. We walk to the service on Sunday it takes about 20 minute to church service. We walk in the raining time because Pastor can’t drive his car to the Village. It is very fun to every one that goes to Village.

korn 1 lorn 2

May the Spirit continue to hold you in the strong embrace of Jesus Christ.

Korn, Enao and Jennifer See

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Greetings from Freetown, Sierra Leone

Missionaries: Issa & Daphne Kargbo

Dear Praying Friends,

We bring you greetings from Freetown, Sierra Leone, in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Time flies so fast, and it is almost a year ago last December, when we left the United States to return to Sierra Leone as missionaries, in obedience to the Lord’s call on our lives. There have been a lot of challenges and adjustments during this time, but as we reflect back, it is amazing to see God’s hand at work – His peace, sustaining grace and encouragement, to see us through on a daily basis.  To Him be the glory!

Soul Winning Seminar — In August, Pastors Sadrie Turay and Daniel Bona, traveled to Makeni, one of the big towns in the north, and about 2 hours drive from Freetown, to conduct a week long Soul Winning Seminar.  This was the first seminar to be held in the Makeni church, which is located in a Muslim dominated community.  We are happy to report that 117 people made a decision to follow Christ that week.  What a thrill for the 16 people who went out witnessing, and had this wonderful experience!  It gave them a feeling of confidence, and broke the fear factor of sharing Christ.

The church in Makeni
The church in Makeni

National Training School — It is a good feeling when your dream/vision becomes a reality. My heart is full of joy to share that on September 19th, we re-launched the first phase of our National Training School course – The Christian Principles course. The need to train our people is of paramount importance, especially those aspiring to leadership in the future, and sadly, this has not been done in a long while.  Twenty-six people registered for this class, which was beyond what we had hoped and prayed for. This led to 2 sessions: one on Saturday morning & the other in the evening, to accommodate everyone. PTL!

 Students & teacher
Students & teacher

Ebola-free — By the time you read this letter, Sierra Leone will have been declared Ebola-free by the World Health Organization.  Alleluia!! Praise the Lord!! J  The President made an announcement today, Nov. 6th, at the end of the 42 days countdown, that no new case has been reported; therefore the country is free from Ebola. Celebrations, including a candlelight march to the center of town, which is now going on even as I write, with lots of people joining in. The toll from this disease has been very heavy, resulting in about 4,000 deaths, and it has seriously affected the economic development of the country, which had been on the increase after the civil war.  This has had a negative impact on our churches as well.

Candle light celebration in Freetown
Candle light celebration in Freetown

Victims of the September flooding in Freetown, are still occupying the national stadium in Freetown, as the government works to relocate them. Some have gone back to their houses, and have resumed their normal lives.

Prayer Points:

Please pray for:

  • Teachers and students in our primary schools, and also those in the Training School to be focused
  • Pastors and Elders in our churches for a spirit of discernment, and unity to work together.
  • New converts in Makeni to grow in their faith
  • Post Ebola period for the economy to start growing again, and God’s provision for the churches as people go back to work, and new jobs are created.

Thank you for your prayers and support

Together With Him;

Issa & Daphne Kargbo

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Christians in Action Liberia

Christians in Action Liberia

November 2015

Dear praying friend,

The excitement in serving the Lord comes when those whose lives have been impacted by your ministry become visible. So indeed, God has been gracious in reaching out His redeeming love – the testimonies of changed lives, the excitement in learning and growing in one’s faith and His faithfulness in supplying the needs of the ministry.

By the faithful prayers and financial support of our loving ministry partners and friends, the Lord has brought us this far, in reaching out with the Good News message of the GRACE and MERCY of our GOD.

The pictures affixed on this newsletter are a representation of the work we have been engaged with over the last 12 months:


Angel, a five year old boy accepted Christ during one of our feeding programs and since then became part of the church. After a few weeks, he brought all his family over to Christians in Action.  His mother Omel, sister Odell and elder brother Fred are now active members of the church serving as recording secretary, praise leader and training to become pastor respectively.FeedingTraining_Program_original

Fred is also the youth leader and teacher of Judy Zinser Early Learning Center. This is just one of the several ways God is using us in Liberia to reach out to the children.


The devastating effect of the Ebola epidemic left almost everyone with stress and trauma. Many non-governmental organizations carried out psychosocial support workshops, but mostly in cities. Christians in Action realizing that most of the stressed and traumatized people are in  our churches, conducted a seminar with all Sunday School teachers of the churches in Robertsport.  This venture was undertaken to ease pastors’ responsibility for counseling and reduce their heavy workload. The ten churches that responded were represented by two persons each. Overall, 20 Sunday school teachers attended and received a certificate for participating. The impact and effect of this seminar on the churches and the community of believers has become an open door for the success of subsequent seminars and workshops. Please keep us in prayers for logistical support to carry our vision of training in leadership and discipleship.


school_originalThis school was established to support “young stars” by providing education at an affordable cost. The fees of $50.00 per child per annum go strictly toward subsidizing teachers’ salary while funds received from Harry Zinser are partly used to cover school furniture, purchase learning materials and pay for students on JZMF Scholarship.  We are very much grateful to Harry for his donations to support of the Judy Zinser Memorial Foundation (JZMF).

The school stops at first grade and we hope to increase attendance as the academic year goes by. Please remember to pray for us that we would also impact the children spiritually.  A Muslim parent having two children in the school said he would prefer to have his children educated in a Christian school because he is confident that they would be impacted with good morals in them besides the education. The first two pictures on the next page show classes in session.


During the close of 2014 and the middle of 2015 the Lord provided funds through Grace Community Church in Visalia and Central Christian Church in Lancaster for the first church building project to house the young growing congregation in the Muslim dominated community of Robertsport. Amidst the challenges, God was able to see us through in getting the building project to a level that it could be used by our church for special ministry functions.  Such ministry functions for example, were the psychosocial support Seminar that attracted 20 Sunday school Teachers, the 164th Independence Day Celebrations that attracted over 400 children for a feeding treat; the children Sunday school and now, the temporary housing of the Judy Zinser Early Learning Center.church_original

The church building project is almost at the finishing point.  All what is left to be done is fixing of real windows, tiling, painting and installation of toilet accessories.  Cost for these materials including transportation and labor is $9,000.00.

As it is our desire to officially dedicate and open the new church in April 2016, we are trusting in the Lord to provide the needed funds before the deadline as given above.Congregation in from of church

  • Partner with Hope 2 Liberia to run a joint training for teachers of Robertsport. Pray that this partnership will be a blessing to the teachers and us all.
  • Organize a Soul Winning Seminar in Robertsport where other churches will also benefit from it. Pray that souls will come to salvation at the seminar.
  • Assist some high-school graduates who have not been able to further their education because they could not pass college entrance exams. Our responsibility is to provide guidance and financial assistance. Pray that this venture will yield spiritual fruit among them, especially the Muslim students.
  • We want to do feeding and give Christmas gifts to a remote village. We believe this could be an opportunity to reach out with the Good News to a community that does not have a church. Pray for wisdom and for God’s provision in reaching out to them as planned.

Once more, on behalf of our ministry in Liberia, I want to thank you for your love, care, prayer and financial support during this year. It is our prayer that the GOOD LORD will bless your family, business and all the other ventures going on in your life.

Yours in Christ, Christian and Augusta

Christian and Augusta Kallon, Missionaries in West Africa

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Pray for David

Pray for David

November 5th 2015

Yesterday was a long day of traveling with my folks but thankful that we arrived in California without any complications. We will be in a missions conference in Fresno all of next week for Christians in Action Biennial Conference and I will have the privilege next Thursday of playing at the missions banquet. On November 13th we will be heading to Seattle, Washington to spend some time with my sister and her family. I am very excited as I will be meeting my second (5 months old) niece for the first.
Have you ever had an overload of stress trying to handle way too many activities in one week? Well that happened to me last week but the Lord is good and many of the projects were done in time. Expect some worship videos to be coming out soon! I will share them here but they will be on Facebook and YouTube and I pray they may be a blessing and an inspiration.
Please keep us in Your prayers as we continue to travel in the states these next few weeks and that God may be glorified through everything we do. Blessings to You.

David_NovemberSpanglish Cover Song on YouTube
Coming out this Sunday evening. We will be spreading the link via the website and all social media, help us by sharing it too!

With an excellent and very talented video crew we did a video recording for one of the songs from the EP. The session was recorded at the historical train station in downtown Guatemala City. It was an amazing place. Can’t wait for this video to come out….

NEW Extended EP album version coming out soon! This version will include a new cd album cover design and two extras, including one song in English.

David Toledo

News from the Northwest – November

Dear Ministry Partners,
Last month, Bill, the leader of the Messianic Bible study we attend, invited us to a Yom Kippur service that was being conducted by his rabbi friend. Although Rabbi Z. has heard the gospel from Bill and his wife, he has resisted accepting Jesus. This is the same rabbi who gave me a “Tallit bag” to carry my prayer shawl in.

At the service, I noticed Bill was not wearing his prayer shawl, even though he made a point of telling me to bring mine. It’s required it in order to make “Alliyah” (that’s the prayers said as the Torah is being read). I was called to pray for the Middle East and for the peace of Jerusalem.

The rabbi had told Bill not to wear his prayer shawl because he is a believer in Jesus. That’s also why Rabbi Z. didn’t call him up to do any prayers. However, he didn’t object to my wearing the tallit or coming up to pray, though he knew that I’m a believer also. The reason, Bill said, is because I am older than the rabbi, and the Torah teaches we should respect our elders.

The rabbi has moved to Las Vegas and has placed his group into the hands of Bill and a rabbi who is a Messianic Jew. However, the rabbi has told them they cannot bring others from our Messianic bible study into this group. “I don’t want you trying to convert my group.” Of course there is plenty of material from the Old Testament that points to Jesus. Despite the rabbi’s ruling, Bill has asked me to be a part of the leadership, knowing that the rabbi wouldn’t voice any objections due to my age. At the Bible study, I’ve been leading prayers in Hebrew. Amazing how it’s all coming back–I haven’t spoken any Hebrew since high school. The study each week is staying consistently with its objectives: to show Yeshua (Jesus) from the Old Testament.

This coming January, Mission Connexion’s will be having its annual major event. We plan to be there at the CinA booth, along with Gordon Donoho, president of CinA, who is making plans to come up from California for the event and bringing an HQ staff member with him. There will be four plenary sessions, one hundred workshops, and seventy ministry booths. Attendance has been running at about 10,000 the past few years, and this is a tremendous opportunity for recruiting.

The work of Mission Connexion is to bring together those that want to serve and the ministries that need them. It’s like a job fair for Christians. Pray for good weather and good responses. In the one of the most unchurched cities of the U.S.–right here in Portland–God has raised up an organization to help Christians get more involved in missions around the world. We are privileged to be a part of that, thanks to God and your participation with us.

Portland has recently declared a state of emergency in regard to the homeless, which will enable more funds for the city to help them. Not only are they local people, but others from far away, even Florida, hear how well the homeless are treated here and assume there will be enough services for them. This only adds to the problem.

On holidays most of the services to the homeless except overnight stays are closed. Meals are limited. We would like to have a New Year’s Day outreach, sharing the Gospel and upgrading from snacks to a meal in a brown bag, as the Lord provides.

Leonard & Joy Rosenfeld

Destiny of Hope “Birth Announcement”

Destiny of Hope “Birth Announcement”

We have been blessed with the arrival of another brand new baby boy.  He is 2 weeks old and was born on Jason’s Birthday!  His birth mother named him Mauricio David.  He weighs 4 1/2 lbs. and is doing well. A friend of ours who has a 3 month old has an excess of breast milk.  She pumped out 7 bags full and promised to bring more every week.  Now Mauri won’t have the digestive issues Analisa has had to deal with.   Both of the other babies just love him already.

Analisa now has 2 bottom teeth.  At 9 months of age, she surprised us by throwing her very first temper tantrum.  Hopefully, she won’t follow Josue’ s example and make it a habit.  Speaking of Josue’, he is doing so much better in that area.  His latest form of rebellion has been to refuse to eat.  But that ‘s ok.  He gets hungry eventually and will finally eat what we had first offered to him.  He loves to give us kisses and big hugs.  He is crazy about motorcycles, but the Barbie motorcycle someone gave him just doesn’t cut it.  Anyone want to help us buy him a motorcycle or tricycle that he can actually ride?  Toys are horrendously expensive here.
Please pray that I will find a suitable vehicle to replace the small pick up I have now.  There just isn’t enough room for our growing family.
Thanks so much for your love and support!
Anita—Founder Destiny of Hope children’s home

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